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Destruction of Records

Many records can be sent directly to destruction. Document destruction service is available to all University departments through the Records Center. Systematic destruction procedures are provided by a bonded disposal company to insure security and confidentiality. Material listed for destruction should be sent in sturdy boxes. Documents are pulverized into unreconstructable fragments for recycling.

Please remember the following guidelines when submitting material for destruction:

When to Ship, What to Ship

Review 'em. Records created by university offices are destroyed according to the newly approved Board of Regents Retention Schedule. These retention guidelines help in determining when a record should be destroyed. The University contracts with a bonded destruction company to destroy records. Items sent for destruction should be considered sensitive material. Please do not send outdated pamphlets, telephone directories or advertising junk mail that could normally be handled through recycling.

Destruction Box Requirements

Pack 'em. Please make sure all items sent for destruction are packed in boxes that can be easily handled by one person. Copier paper boxes with lids are ideal for destruction purposes. It is imperative that the boxes be securely closed for safe shipping across campus.

When You are Ready to Ship

Call 'em and Ship 'em. Once the information is boxed correctly, inform Records Management (706-369-5926) of the number of boxes and the retention standard that the records follow, e.g. 472-01-001 or 01-001. Contact with the Records Center can be made by telephone or through the use of the Box Transfer Form for Destruction. (If your department decides to use the form, you will be contacted by email.) Records Management will assign the set of boxes a control number. This control number needs to be written on the outside of each box.

Ship 'em. Departments may choose between doing a self-delivery or hiring Physical Plant for delivery. If your department chooses to self-deliver, please notify the Records Center before delivery. Failure to notify the Record Center prior to sending or delivering the boxes could result in the records being rejected by the Records Center.

To hire Physical Plant please fill out their Work Request Form. Include the control number in the form.

Sample request form steps:

  1. Sign in with your UGA login information
  2. Click "Work Request"
  3. Select the building in which the boxes are located from the dropdown menu
  4. Enter the room number. If there is no room number a short description would suffice, i.e. 'warehouse'
  5. Click Next
  6. Fill in the contact information
  7. Alternate contact information would be plus in the case that the primary contact is not available
  8. Click Next
  9. Sample Brief Description:
    We have [enter number of boxes to be delivered] boxes to be picked up from our office and delivered to the UGA Records Center on S. Milledge. Our control number is/are [enter control number(s) assigned to boxes from the Records Center, ie 16-999] Thank you.
  10. In 'Additional Details' add any additional location information or contact information that will make it easier for Physical Plant professionals to find the contact person and/or the location of the boxes. Also please let Physical Plant know if additional equipment is necessary in order to get to the boxes. For example:
    These boxes will have to be taken down 2 flights of stairs or these boxes are on pallets or a pallet may be necessary because we have a large number of boxes, etc.
  11. Be sure to let Physical Plant know the appropriate time the boxes can be picked up. If 8am-5pm is checked, there is a good chance they may show up at 8am on the dot.
  12. Click Next
  13. Enter the account number for billing.
  14. Click Next
  15. Double check the information that you have entered
  16. Click submit.
  17. Look for an email verifying your submission.