Need Assistance? Have Suggestions?

Please feel free to ask for assistance at any service point in the library. Your suggestions are appreciated. We are always happy to hear your ideas for improving library services. Please contact Eric Griffith at or (706) 542-1137.


The University of Georgia Libraries seek to provide all patrons with equal access to library resources. We offer patrons with disabilities the following resources and services:


Building Accessibility

  • All floors of the Main and Science and Special Collections libraries and the Miller Learning Center are wheelchair accessible. Main and Science Library bookshelf areas are not accessible. Access Services staff can retrieve books from the shelves and arrange to have photocopies or scans made at no additional charge. Inquire at the Circulation desk for assistance.
  • Main entrance access ramps.
  • Button-activated electric doors.
  • Elevators with print and Braille control panel.
  • Wheelchair-accessible restrooms on the entry floors of both Main and Science. In addition the Main Library has accessible restrooms in the basement and on the 4th floor. All restrooms in the Miller Learning Center and the Special Collections Library are wheelchair-accessible.
  • In the Special Collections Library, all desks in the reading rooms are built to accommodate wheelchairs, and the exhibit areas are designed by ADA standards.


Staff Assistance in the Library

An appointment is not required to receive service. However, advance notice of your visit will help library staff facilitate your research. Please call the Main Library at 706 542-3256, the Science Library at 706 542-4535, the Miller Learning Center at 706 542-4673, or the Special Collections Libraries at 706 542-7123.

  • Individual library orientation tours
  • Book/journal retrieval
  • Photocopy assistance
  • Reference desk assistance


Telephone and Electronic Assistance

  • Checkout renewals (Main - 706 542-3256;  Science - 706 542-4535)
  • Main Reference Telephone Assistance 706 542-3251
    Science Reference Telephone Assistance 706 542-0698
    MLC Reference Telephone Assistance 706 542-7000
    Special Collections Libraries Assistance 706 542-7123
  • Chat Reference Service
  • Email Reference Service


Adaptive Software:

Librarians do not have extensive knowledge of these software packages, but will be happy to assist as they can.

Headphones are required for using screen reading software. Headphones can be checked out, but we strongly recommend bringing your own if possible.

Main Library

There are four adaptive technology workstations in the Reference Room on the first floor of the Main Library. The machines are open to any user with a disability, and are equipped with the following software:

  • JAWS for Windows is a powerful accessibility solution that reads information on your screen using synthesized speech. JAWS provides many useful commands that make it easier to use programs, edit documents, and read Web pages. An array of versatile features and customizable options lets you tailor JAWS for your individual needs and preferences.
  • MAGic combines great magnification features with true low vision screen reading. It gives you the ability to choose the information you want read from the screen as you navigate your applications. MAGic is easy to use with its talking large print installation, color-coded user interface, and hot keys that avoid conflicts with Windows and popular software applications.
  • FSReader software opens a world of accessible reading material for the visually impaired. Used with Digital Accessible Information SYstem (DAISY)-formatted talking books, FSReader delivers a host of powerful navigation tools for reading.
  • ClaroRead is an integrated text to speech tool that can speak practically any on-screen text out loud. A wide range of visual tools are included to color, highlight, and focus on text as it is spoken by the computer.
  • ClaroView is a software application that allows better viewing of the PC screen, with the potential to make browsing and reading easier. It can change the color of the screen and the extent of the tinting.
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking is speech recognition software that provides a more efficient way to control a computer that is less physically and cognitively taxing for those with impairments that may make typing painful or impossible. Dragon turns talk into text, transcribing up to 160 words a minute. Just speak and the words appear on the computer screen, instantly.

Miller Learning Center

There are two adaptive technology workstations on each of the third floor east, fourth floor east and fourth floor west wings of the building (for a total of six workstations) that provide accommodations for students with disabilities. Please ask for information or assistance at the 3rd floor information desks (east, west, or central). They are equipped with the following software:

  • ClaroRead integrated text to speech tool
  • Kurzwell 3000 text to speech software
  • Readplease text to speech software with adjustable voice speed (rate)
  • Epson Perfection 1260 Scanner (for use with text to speech software)

Science Library

Request help at the Public Service Desk in the Science Library for assistance with the following software:

  • JAWS for Windows
  • MAGic Screen Magnification
  • Scansoft Naturally Speaking 6


Other Useful Telephone Numbers:


Parking for People with Disabilities

UGA Parking Services provides information and instructions on the procedures that customers with disabilities must follow in order to utilize disability parking spaces during enforcement hours.


UGA Libraries Policy on Services to Patrons with Disabilities