UGA is now in the second phase of its 3-year OneSource project.  The finance systems went live on July 1, 2018.  On December 16, 2018, the OneUSG Connect System (human resources, payroll, and leave) will go live.  

OneUSG Connect System Resources

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OneSource Project as a whole


Will employees receive a paycheck via direct deposit on December 27 even though it is a UGA holiday and the university is closed?

Yes, paychecks will be posted to bank accounts via direct deposit on December 27.  Full December 2018 pay dates for salary biweekly payroll are:

  • December 6: for the pay period November 1528 
  • December 20:  for the pay period November 29December 12 
  • December 27:  for the pay period December 13December 15 
If an employee requests leave and it is approved, or if a holiday falls during a work week, will the employee have to enter their hours worked for that pay period?

Yes, if the approved leave request is for a future pay period or if a holiday is included in the work week, the pay from schedule feature will not work and the employee will have to enter their total hours worked each day of the pay period. 

No, if the approved leave request is in the current pay period and the employee has already "submitted" hours via pay from schedule, the employee will not have to manually enter hours worked.

What happens if a new employee does not provide direct deposit information in OneUSG Connect system? UGA Payroll will contact the new employee to determine if they are “bankable.” If not “bankable,” the new hire will receive a pay card that will have a fee attached to it. Federal Work Study students are exempt from this requirement. SUPERVISORS: Please assist your student employees in getting their direct deposit submitted.  Most people are bankable. 
What happens if a manager/ supervisor is not available to approve a timecard?
  1. The manager/supervisor can assign a delegate(s) for these duties when they know they will be unavailable.
  2. If something happens unexpectedly or if the manager/ supervisor just forgets to submit the approval, Libraries HR/Payroll can approve the timecard.
  3. If Libraries HR/Payroll doesn’t see that an approval has been missed, UGA Payroll will approve the employee’s timecard.


What happens if an employee’s leave request is not approved by the supervisor/manager? OneUSG Connect will recognize the request as the employee submitting hours. Remember, OneUSG Connect interprets “submitting hours” as “approving hours.” If the supervisor/manager does not approve the leave request no hours will appear for that time on the employee’s timecard.  Libraries HR/Payroll will be reviewing payroll as is done now and would see that the employee had less than 80 hours and would investigate.  Libraries HR/Payroll can approve for the supervisor.
If payroll is switching to OneUSG Connect on December 16, what happens to student assistants that start work on December 15, but end on December 16? Student Assistants who start work on December 15, but whose work day will end on December 16, will be able to clock out in Kronos.