logo for eventWe know the first day of Finals can be rough. So if you need a break, stop by the Instruction Lab in the Main Library and pick your fun. We'll have: 

  • HTC Vive virtual reality machine set up with the following programs:
    • TheBlu - stand on a submerged shipwreck while a blue whale swims by, explore a coral reef, or creep around an undersea cave with bioluminescent creatures
    • Job Simulator - Get your wacky on as a hapless office drone, auto mechanic, fast food cook, or convenience store clerk
    • Fantastic Contraptions - Build a machine to get an item from one place to another. Stretches your mind without stressing you out
    • Tilt Brush - Draw in virtual reality. Your imagination is the limit.
  • Board games
    • Hungry, Hungry Hippos
    • Jenga
    • Connect Four
  • Holiday card coloring station - You color the card, address the envelope, we'll mail it to your grandma/mom/best friend/sweetheart
  • Prize punch board - Punch the board, get a prize! It's that simple. 
  • Refreshments - Here, have a cookie
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Main Library