The procedure to hire, terminate, change 18 type, or make changes to the compensation/funding source for a student employee position is generally handled by submitting a student information form. Student employment is handled primarily by the Human Resources Specialist, Sara Wright.

The University of Georgia Libraries can employ up to four types of student employees:

18T - This is the most common type of student employment.

  • 18Ts are primarily undergraduates that work less than 20 hours per week. (On occasion 18Ts may be graduate students as well.)
  • They must be enrolled and actively attending classes on at least a half-time basis at a University System of Georgia institution.
  • They are exempt from some taxes and do not have to participate in a Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (retirement plan).
  • Please note that if an 18T works in more than one department (either within the Libraries or in another University department) they must notify both supervisors as to avoid working more than 20 hours per week overall.

18W - These students are employed through the Federal Work Study Program. Funds for the program are awarded through the Office of Student Financial Aid on a semesterly basis for Fall and Spring  only.

  • 18Ws may not work more than 20 hours per week, and cannot work during their regularly scheduled class times.
  • Students are awarded a specific amount of money each semester and may earn up to, but not more than, their awarded amount per semester.
  • Students receiving FWS awards must apply to Libraries' positions via Handshake and be deemed eligible by the Office of Student Financial Aid.

18C - This is a temporary employment status. An enrolled student may not be classed as an 18C unless classes are not in session. An 18C can work up to 39.9 hours/week and is subject to additional taxes. They also must contribute to a Georgia Defined Contribution Plan (retirement plan). In general, the Libraries no longer regularly employs anyone in an 18C status, but will on a temporary basis for the following reasons:

  • An 18T wants to work during holiday breaks, between semesters, or during brief periods of unenrollment. (Maymester, Summer Session etc. A currently unenrolled 18C must be enrolled in a future semester, or intending to enroll in a future semester.)
  • A former 18T graduates or is otherwise unenrolled with no intention to return to UGA as a student. Under these circumstances  employment may only continue if the student is elevated to special status, which requires approval by the Libraries Department Head and Human Resources Librarian..

IMPORTANT: Board of Regents policy states that temporary employees may not exceed a total of 1,300 hours worked in a 12-consecutive month period. The 1,300 hours can be accumulated in any combination during the 12-month period. Once a temporary employee has worked 1,300 hours *OR* has been employed for 12 consecutive months, whichever comes first, the temporary employee must be either switched to an 18T or be terminated and forced to have a break in service of 26 consecutive weeks at UGA or any USG institution.

18G - This status is reserved for students who have accepted a Graduate Assistantship with approval from the Graduate School. While Graduate Assistants are students, many guidelines outlined in this page are not applicable to them as they are exempt employees receive tuition waivers as part of their compensation.



  1. Supervisors should develop a brief description of job qualifications, duties, work schedule, and hours per week. Interviews with potential student employees should be arranged and facilitated by the supervisor.
  2. Students may be referred by word of mouth, or recruited through posting at the UGA Career Services online job posting service, handshake. Refer to the Student Employment web page for recruitment information to share with prospective students.
  3. To recruit for a Federal Work Study position (18W), a supervisors should work closely with Libraries HR, who will post the position description on Handshake in partnership with the Office of Student Financial Aid.Hiring procedures

When a supervisor has identified who they wish to hire, they should:

  1. Submit a completed Student Information Form. This form should be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the desired start of employment.
  2. Libraries HR will develop a Hiring Proposal for the student and will reach out to them so that they may complete additional application information within the UGAJobs portal.
  3. As part of the Hiring Proposal, some positions will require a background investigation. Background investigations are needed for positions that involve handling cash, check and/or credit card receipts, driving a UGA vehicle, direct interaction with children under 18, or security access (i.e. IT, personnel records, public safety etc.) Completion of the background investigation process takes at least 5-7 days.
  4. When the Hiring Proposal is approved by Central HR, Libraries HR will notify the supervisor to confirm the actual start date. If the student has never worked at UGA, Libraries HR will send an email to the student letting them know to expect an email from UGA’s Onboarding System where they will schedule a time to meet to complete the Form I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification on their first day of work. For the I-9, students will need to bring with them acceptable identification documents and meet with Central HR on their first day.

First week of employment:

During the first week of employment, supervisors must ensure that student employees complete the USG Ethics course via PEP. If a student completed this training while working for another UGA department previously, their PEP home page should reflect that, and they do not need to retake the course.

Student employees must enter their direct deposit information into OneUSG Connect.


Schedules and Timesheets:

Student employees are non-exempt* and fall under Fair Labor Standards Act regulations. If they are required to work six or more hours per day, they must be given an unpaid meal break of at least 30 minutes. During the meal period, they must be completely relieved from duty.

If the work situation permits, a supervisor may authorize up to two 15-minute breaks, depending on how many hours in a day the student assistant is working. During the break period, students may leave their work areas if they have the approval of their supervisors.

Supervisors of student employees are responsible for ensuring that this regulation is met. Student employee timesheets with a record of clocking in and out for a 30-minute break will be evidence of compliance.

*Graduate students participating in a formal Graduate Assistantship (18G) are considered exempt employees.

Non-exempt student employees are paid at an hourly rate, and must therefore record their hours in a Timesheet in OneUSG Connect. Hours should be reported manually or by punching a Webclock. Supervisors must verify and approve hours worked each Friday. Daily monitoring of timesheets is encouraged.

Rates of Pay:

  • Newly hired, regular student assistants begin employment at $7.75 per hour.
  • Student assistants who work from Midnight to 8:00 a.m. will receive their regular rate of pay plus time-and-a-half.
  • “Special Students” - There may be times when the market, the circumstances, or the skill needed require a higher base rate of pay. To hire a student at a higher rate of pay, the position must require unusual or hard to find skill sets or competencies, physical demands or other unique job requirements. Department Head and Libraries' Human Resources approval for a special rate is required.
  • “Senior Students” and “Security Students” – To compensate these student assistants whose duties and responsibilities require training, skill, knowledge or supervision above the regular level are paid $8.25 per hour. Students must have worked in their position for at least 2 semesters before they are eligible to become senior students.
  • Entry level Federal Work Study Students are paid $8 per hour. The earnings of FWS students are limited by their total monetary award, but hourly rates for returning students may vary. Details about FWS compensation found at


  1. Paperwork to terminate student assistants from the Libraries must be submitted at the time it occurs. It is the responsibility of the supervisor to promptly inform Libraries Human Resources via a completed student information form.
  2. Supervisors should complete the Student Employee Separation Checklist if the student is in pay group 18T or the Faculty & Staff Separation Checklist if the student is in pay group 18C. 
  3. GDCP Refunds: Student employees who have worked in an 18C status, and who are ending all employment with UGA are eligible to apply for their GDCP refund of contributions. Supervisors should advise the exiting students that the Employees Retirement System of Georgia (ERSGA) administers the GDCP program and that they may request a refund by logging on to their account at the ERSGA website ( In order to be eligible to apply for a refund, UGA must notify ERSGA of the student's GDCP termination date and the student's GDCP account status must be “inactive.” Therefore, supervisors must inform Libraries HR if the student is graduating and will no longer be working at UGA so that Libraries HR can follow up to make sure the GDCP is properly processed. It can take 4 - 6 weeks from the date of separation for the ERS/GDCP account to be updated to an inactive status.

Updated September 2, 2020