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Works Progress Administration (WPA) Projects in Georgia

President Franklin D. Roosevelt created this national program, and Congress approved it in 1935. The name was changed in 1939 to the Work Projects Administration (WPA). This work/relief agency was one of the most important of the New Deal programs.

It provided the vast legions of unemployed in this country a job, an income, and self-respect. Between the years of 1935 and 1943 the WPA provided about 8 million jobs. The cost over the 8 years was only 11 billion dollars.

This collection of photographs chronicle the various WPA projects which took place in Georgia. The projects were the same in most all of the states, and included basic work on infrastructure such as street building and repair, as well as sewer construction. The structures produced by most of these projects are still in use today after 60 years. Many municipal projects such as airports were also constructed using WPA funds. Additional construction projects funded by the WPA included schools and recreation facilities. Related to construction projects were the water projects such as flood control, drought relief and coastal conservation, as well as work at stone quarries. Community service projects included such things as collecting and managing historical records, hospital and health related projects, and basic skills projects. The WPA also funded fine arts projects such as Federal Theater productions. In addition, there were other projects which do not fit into any of the above categories.

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