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Page from James McCulloch's Diary



Took one company as skrimmishers and spread through the field. Got to a bend on the river Found a *bushwacker shot through & through the breast. Right arm broke duying. Found his gun Took him to the lane & left him for the dappers & miners to bury. Calvelry came up and scouted the hillsides Got 10-12 prisoners. Heard that one Calvelry man was killed but don't know. Went on a mile or so & came to Boston. Found the Calvelry in a store helping themselves. Went to another store. It had a guard round it. Got in a window.

*Named Frank Faulkner. Bushwackers dress in light blue homespun jeans.

Looked for boots. Found a pr. Couldn't get them on my socks were wet. Got a dry pr. Boots went on. I went in got some tobacco, handerchief cloth, coat, sweet soap. Swapped my old shirt for a new one. Got a pair of ladies hose, took them along to look at. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Got this*book & pencil & many other little necessaries. Got a first rate dinner then proceeded to whare Col.J. was distributing some apple brandy. Proceeded amediately to tast it & then to take a drink & then to fill my canteen.

*If anyone finds this book, recollect it's mine.


*Misspellings and errors in syntax were retained.


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