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Hargrett Library Reading Room Rules

Pursuant to the USG policy, all visitors will be required to wear masks during their visit to the building. If anyone arrives without a mask, we will gladly provide one. Please observe social distancing signs and floor decals. Hand sanitizing stations are located throughout the building.

Upon registering to use the Hargrett Library reading room, patrons agree to abide by the following conditions.

For the safety and security of library materials, staff will require patrons to store most personal belongings in lockers before entering.  Specifically prohibited are: Food, drinks, tobacco, coats, bags, computer cases, books, notebooks, pens, and loose papers.

Pencils only may be used in the reading room. Paper and pencil will be provided.

The reading room is a quiet area. Limit conversations, and silence phones before entering.

Only one book, map, or box is allowed on a table.

All seating faces the reading room attendant’s desk. Materials must be used on tables, in full view of the attendant, and may not be taken from the room or transferred to another patron.

No materials may be taken out of the reading room.

The reference collection is open and available for patrons to use, but reference books may not be mixed on tables with other Hargrett Library materials.

Materials may not be leaned on, written on, folded, traced, marked with sticky notes, or handled in any way that might damage them. If gloves are required for handling materials, the attendant will supply them. For help in handling fragile materials, consult the attendant.

Folders and papers in manuscript/archival boxes should be kept in the same order in which they are received. If materials are out of order, notify the attendant; do not attempt to re-order papers.

Digital camera or cell phone photography is permitted only for study / scholarship; i.e. not for distribution or publication. Flash photography is prohibited.

Permission to use digital/tape audio recorders must be obtained through the attendant.

Before leaving the room for the day, patrons must return library materials to the attendant.

All materials must be turned in 15 minutes before closing. The attendant shall inspect all papers, materials, and personal belongings before a patron exits the reading room with them.