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From Ahmedunggar to Lavonia:
Presidents at the University of Georgia 1785-1997

William E. Boggs



Born May 12, 1838, Ahmedunggar, Hindustan; d. August 20, 1920, Baltimore, MD. B.A. South Carolina College (1859); D.D. Columbia Theological Seminary (1862).

image of William E. Boggs

Following service as a Chaplain in the Civil War (Sixth South Carolina Infantry), Boggs served at Presbyterian Churches in South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee. His tenure in Memphis was marked by a yellow fever plague in 1872. He taught at Columbia Theological Seminary for three years and returned to Memphis for several years until he accepted the Chancellor's post at UGA. After leaving the University, he served as pastor in Missouri and Florida and worked as the Secretary of Schools and Colleges in Savannah for several years beginning in 1909. His last years were spent in ministry at Confederate Veterans' Homes.


The Peabody Education Fund was the largest of several private funding sources which provided the impetus for the siting of the State Normal School in Athens on the site of the Rock College (1862), a building which had served as the University High School to prepare Confederate veterans for entry to the University proper. The State Normal School was located in Athens in 1891. Boggs spent great time and energy fighting for the University with state officials who were being courted at the same time by effective spokesmen for both agricultural and private denominational college interest groups, but he was ultimately forced to resign in 1898 in the power struggle between agriculturists and denominationalists.




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