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Finding Aid for The Ludwig R. Geissler Papers (1879 - 1932) (UGA 08-031 and UGA 07-032)

RG: 2-10-21 (Psychology)
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Ludwig R. GeisslerIntroduction:

A native of Germany, Ludwig Reinhold Geissler held the position of Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at the University of Georgia from 1912 through 1916. Prior to his time at UGA, Geissler studied and taught under Professor E. B. Titchener at Cornell and did applied psychological research at the National Lamp Company in Cleveland, Ohio.

Although there only a short time, Geissler played a major role in the development of psychology as a field of study at the University of Georgia. One of his accomplishments was to help design and equip the psychology department's space and laboratories in the newly constructed George Peabody Hall. Also of note was a research project that led him to study the effectiveness of advertising by local Athens merchants.

While at UGA Geissler was elected to membership in the SSPP (Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology). In 1913, his first year of membership, Geissler presented a paper entitled, "A New Test for General Intelligence" that examined an intelligence test based on word associations.

In 1916, while at the University of Georgia, Geissler became the principal founder of The Journal of Applied Psychology with the aid of G. Stanley Hall and John Wallace Baird of Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. In September 1916, Geissler relocated to Clark University where Hall was President. Hall, Baird, and Geissler were listed as co-editors, but Geissler served as chief editor for the first four years (1917 - 1920).

For the first issue Geissler wrote an article titled, "What is applied psychology?" that helped define the field and set the scope of the journal. Baird died in 1919, and Geissler and Hall were replaced as editors in 1920 when Hall retired and Geissler resigned from Clark University.

The year 1920 found Clark College and University in financial straits and Geissler left to accept a position with Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, Virginia. At RMWC he soon attained the rank of Professor and by 1923 had became the Head of the Department of Philosophy, Psychology and Education.

*Biographical information courtesy of Roger K. Thomas.

Scope and Content:

Although this collection includes information relating to Geissler's time at the University of Georgia, much of the material deals with his non-UGA activities. Most of the papers in UGA 07-032/UGA 08-031 were donated by L. R. Geissler's granddaughters, Barbara Noel Dowds and Ruth Marie Noel. They provided the papers to UGA Psychology Emeritus Professor - Roger K. Thomas - to use while researching his biographical chapter on Geissler for the book Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology Presidents and Presidential Addresses edited by James L. Pate.

The "Content Inventory" consists of folder labels. Found within most of these folders are numerous letters, documents and other materials. For preservation purposes the collection has been refolded. Metal paperclips have been removed and newspaper clippings along with fragile paper documents photocopied onto archival quality paper.

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Content Inventory:

UGA 07-032:1

  1. Prepublication Draft Of Geissler Biographical Chapter.
  2. L. R. Geissler Autobiographical and Biographical.
  3. L. R. Geissler 1879 - 1902.
  4. L. R. Geissler In Texas 1902 - 1905.
  5. Cornell University 1905 - 1911/National Electric Lamp Association 1911 - 1912.
  6. Geissler/Titchener Correspondence (Titchener Is Well Known In The History Of Psychology And Was Geissler's Dissertation Supervisor) [1909 - 1925].
  7. Mss - Geissler "Analysis Of Consciousness Under Negative Instruction" - American Journal Of Psychology 1912 - 23 - 183 - 213.
  8. L. R. Geissler - UGA 1912 - 1916.
  9. L. R. Geissler/Clark University/The Journal Of Applied Psychology - 1916 - 1920.
  10. L. R. Geissler/Randolph - Macon Woman's College - 1920 - 1932 [1].
  11. L. R. Geissler/Randolph - Macon Woman's College - 1920 - 1932 [2].
  12. L. R. Geissler And SSPP [Southern Society For Philosophy And Psychology].
  13. Undated Tests, Etc. Included With Geissler Papers.
  14. Undated Notes, Etc. From Geissler Papers.
  15. Geissler - Reprints- Original.
  16. Geissler - Publications: I Photocopies.
  17. Geissler - Publication: II Photocopies.

UGA 08-031:1

  1. Manuscript - Re Geissler ["Ludwig Reinhold Geissler And The Journal Of Applied Psychology" - Manuscript Submitted By Dr. Thomas On 18 July 2008 For Consideration For Publication In American Journal Of Psychology]. (One Manuscript).
  2. "Ludwig Reinhold Geissler And The Founding Of The Journal Of Applied Psychology" By Roger K. Thomas. American Journal Of Psychology-Fall 2009 (2 Copies).
  3. Geissler/Starbuck [Correspondence - 1934]. (One Letter).
  4. Geissler/Titchener [Correspondence - 1911, 1913 And 1923]. (Three Letters).
  5. "Ludwig Reinhold Geissler (1879-1932)" By Roger K. Thomas [April 21, 2009-Revised Draft Of Biographical Chapter To Be Included In Forthcoming Book]. (1 Copy)

Processed by Carol Bishop.