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The Old College Compendium The Plaque on the Wall

After two centuries of renovation, the only original part of the Old College exterior may be a large commemorative marble plaque hanging on the north wall of the building. Early photographs show the stone to have been in place well before 20th century renovations and it seems possible that President Joisah Meigs had the stone placed there during completion of the structure.

Mary Linnemann of the Hargrett Library prepares to photograph the plaque, aided by John Wheat of the University Physical Plant operating the truck controls, in December, 2008.

As can be seen in the photograph below, the plaque is somewhat difficult to read due to weathering. A line by line transcription reads:

The Site of this Building was chosen on the VIth day of July 1801 in the XXVIth year of the Independence of the UNITED STATES of AMERICA by GEORGE WALTON, ABRAHAM BALDWIN, JOHN MILLEDGE, JOHN TWIGGS, and HUGH LAWSON, a Committee of the Senatus Academicus of the University of Georgia and for the benefit of the Institution the adjacent land was on that day given by JOHN MILLEDGE. Robt. Allan Sculpt. Savannah.

When the walls of Old College were rebuilt in the early 20th century, the stone plaque was replaced slightly higher to allow space for a smaller stone below it, reading: The exterior walls renovated Nov. 1908 with an appropriation by the Legislature .