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While anyone can examine the Archives first hand by coming to the Hargrett Rare Book & Manuscript Library (see Using the Archives), we plan to serve up select images for your edification here in the Exhibit Hall. Please recall that permission to use these images must be granted by the Hargrett.

small portrait of abraham baldwin

The University of Georgia Almost Opens in 1786

A 1786 letter from Yale reveals Abraham Baldwin's work to open the University campus in Louisville when Athens was still in the Cherokee nation. The first classes are planned for the Fall... ...until warfare breaks out with the Creeks just across the border. Read the 1786 misfortunes of Abraham Baldwin & the First Chartered State University.

The Wallace Richter Photo Album 1941-1943

Selected from over 500 negatives taken by the late Wallace Richter, class of 1944, these photographs show campus life at the start of the Second World War. Enter Exhibit to swing, sway and jump to attention.

An Earlier View of the Campus?

Is this the earliest close view of the campus? Did it predate and inspire the better-known 1854 Gleason's print? Click here to judge the Louis Moore lithograph (UGA 06-026) for yourself in this online exhibit.

old college

The Old College Compendium

As might be expected of the oldest building in Athens, Old College has led a varied life: skyscraper of the Georgia frontier, fort in the War of 1812, naval facilty (renamed in honor of the U.S.S. Ranger) during World War 2, dormitory, office, classroom and firetrap. Read its history from 1801 onward in this illustrated timeline created for its renovation dedication on October 13, 2006. See Timeline

moore college

The Davis Souvenir Album & Other Treasures of the 1870s

Buried in the Case of the Poisoned Capsule exhibit (see below) are scans of a number of UGA artifacts that are just too good to stay hidden, so we've added a direct link here on the exhibit page. Included is the celebrated Davis Souvenir Album containing the earliest known photographs of the campus from around 1875. Learn More

MoreTresures o

The Case of the Poisoned Capsule

We bury our treasures, we cast our bread into the waters of the future, knowing we shall probably not be around to be blamed. But is it a good idea? Consider the tragic tale of the 1872 UGA time capsule; it warns us that preservation may consist of more than a hole in the ground. Learn More

The 1785 Charter of the University of Georgia

Following restoration, the venerable University of Georgia Charter returned to campus for its 220th anniversary in 2005. To preserve its faded writing it generally only is put on display for the public each year on on Founders' Day, January 27. If you don't want to wait, you scan visit this high-quality scan of the restored document. To help you interpret the faded writing, our online exhibit also features a history of the document and a transcription, courtesy of The Georgia Review (new window).

Happy Birthday Little Library!

In 2003 We Celebrate the 50TH ANNIVERSARY of the Gala dedication of the Ilah Dunlap Little Library. Come enjoy the excitement by touring prose, photographs, and poetry. Also view a commemorative booklet, issued in 1953.

Still We Remember:

Memorial Items Left at the UGA Arch following the Attacks of September 11, 2001. An online exhibit of photographs by Katie Gentilello and Frank Hamrick

University of Georgia September 11, 2001 Arch Memorial Collection Finding Aid (UA 01-021)

View of the University in 1854

See this famous view of the early university, which appeared in the magazine Gleason's Pictorial and Drawing Room Companion in May, 1854, together with a short description of the institution.

A Rich Assortment of UGA Images

Images of the University of Georgia section of Hargrett Library's Historic Images of Athens, Georgia


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