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Finding Aid for The William T. James Papers (1927-1998) (UGA 04-024/ UGA 05-036)

Record Group: 2-10-21 (Psychology)
2.0 linear ft : Two Ms. Boxes, One Banker's Box, & One Newspaper Box


A Cornell graduate, William T. James joined the University of Georgia's Psychology Department in 1946. Dr. James continued as a member of the UGA Psychology Department's faculty for 24 years, serving as department head for three years.

He was well-known for his research in the the field of animal behavior, especially that of dogs and opossums. In fact Dr. James came to be considered by many to be the world's leading authority on the learning ability of the opossum.

Upon his retirement in 1970, James was named Professor Emeritus of Psychology at UGA. In addition to being the author of numerous scholarly articles, James was a member of the Psi Chi, Sigma Xi, and Phi Kappa Phi honorary societies.

These materials were collected by former department head, Dr. Roger Thomas, for his studies into the history of the PsychologyDepartment.

Scope and Content:

The majority of this collection deals with Dr. James' research as a member of the UGA Psychology Department's faculty starting in 1946. In particularly, accessions UGA 04-024 and UGA 05-036 serve to highlight Dr. James' dog and opossum behavioral research through numerous notes and photographs. The collection also includes his correspondence and a large number of reprints.

For preservation purposes the collection has been refoldered. Metal paperclips have been removed and newspaper articles have been photocopied onto archival quality paper. Photographs have been placed in protective sleeves and electronic media have been placed in archival boxes.

Content Inventory:

UGA 04-024:1 (Research: Photographs, Notes, and Materials.)

  1. [Album of Canine Studies at Cornell Farm.
  2. ]
  3. Plates Used In Publication Of Research At Cornell Farm.
  4. [Apparatus c. 1953].
  5. [Opossum Related Material 1953-1968 ].
  6. Graphs Of Young Opossum & Rat In Lashley Maze.
  7. Opossum Chapter [1983].
  8. References To Opossum Chapter [1980-1982].
  9. Pictures For Publication-Opossum-Lendes Plates.
  10. Opossum! Pictures-Article From Newspaper 1957.
  11. Opossum [And Other] Photographs [1].
  12. Opossum [And Other] Photographs [2].
  13. William James: Research.
  14. [Animal Studies-Photographs].
  15. [Dog Activity Graphs].
  16. Undergraduate Learning.
  17. Social Behavior-Outdoor Lab Situation.
  18. Nutritional Deficiency.
  19. [Lantern Slide Of Opossum].
  20. [Dog Studies-Photographs].
  21. [Photographs Of Dogs].
  22. Disharmonies In Occlusion Produced By Cross Breeding.
  23. Last Pictures Of Dogs At New Laboratory-Athens, Ga-March 1972.
  24. Data On Racing Dogs-Received Nov. 22, 1963 From Mr. Brimley.

UGA 04-024:2 (Correspondence, Reprints, and Biographical Materials.)

  1. [Sonia Walunas' Opossums-1977].
  2. Edwards & James Letters [1946].
  3. Letters Regarding Experiment (Anti-Vivisectionists) [1941].
  4. Liddell-Letters To And From [1933-1939].
  5. [William James Correspondence 1959-1960].
  6. [William James-Correspondence 1961-1962].
  7. Concerning ESP Controversy & Criticism Of McConnell By Floyd G. Humphreys.
  8. ["New Frontiers Of The Mind"].
  9. [I.Q. Test Material-c. 1920-1930].
  10. [Conference On The Effects Of Early Experience On Mental Health- Photographs c.1951].
  11. Historical Outline-Learning Theory History.
  12. James, W. T. [Vitae].
  13. [Philosophy. Cunningham. Cornell. (Notes Taken From Lectures Of Dr. Cunningham In A Course On History Of Philosophy: 1927-1928].
  14. [Laboratory Experiments In Psychophysiology-From Cornell University Lab].
  15. [James' Photocopies, Notes, Etc.].
  16. [William James-Photographs].
  17. Autobiography of William James [1988].
  18. James [Later Years].
  19. [James Reprints A-E].
  20. [James Reprints F-V].
  21. [The Genetic And Endocrinic Basis For Differences In Form And Behavior & Related Material-1941].
  22. [Annotated Reprint & Photographs-1953].
  23. [Opossum Articles By Other Authors-Include Annotations].
  24. [Results of Students In Introductory Experimental Psychology. Thesis of T. W. Harrell-1933].

UGA 04-024:3 (Non-Print Media: Dogs and Opossums.)

  1. [Dog Types 16 mm. Movie Film].
  2. Dogs-Types and Lab Procedure [16 mm. 1930s].
  3. Piece of Film Opossum [One Reel].
  4. Opossum-Used on T.V [One Reel].

UGA 05-036:1 (Reprints and Correspondence.)

  1. [Roscoe B. Jackson Memorial Laboratory Dogs-1957].
  2. [The London Illustrated News Articles Sent By Marilyn McGaughey-1968].
  3. [James Reprints 1937-1962].
  4. [Julius Springer-Correspondence and Reprints-1934].
  5. [Dr. William Angermeier-Dr. James' Ph.D. Student-Reprints and Correspondence 1961-1986] [1].
  6. [Dr. William Angermeier-Dr. James' Ph.D. Student-Reprints and Correspondence 1961-1986] [2].
  7. [Correspondence, Reprints, Programs and Article 1944-1960].
  8. Ulric Moore Papers-XMas 1976 [Reprints].
  9. [Edmund Mayer-Correspondence and Reprint-1947].
  10. [Daniel Primac-Correspondence and Reprint 1980-1981].

Processed by Carol Bishop, August 2004/July 2005.