About the process

  • Submission requirements: Where can I find computer software? How should the thesis or dissertation be formatted? How do I get started?

    Graduate students, please see the Graduate school Theses and Dissertations Overview which includes information about formatting, file formats, labs with acrobat available for use, and appropriate forms needed.

  • Submission Problems: I'm a student who has submitted my thesis or dissertation through the ETD database. How will I know if it was successful?

    If your submission to the ETD database is successful, you will see a "Success!" screen. If for some reason, your submission is not successful, you will see a message stating that there is a problem. The application will let staff in the Systems Department know there is a problem. You do not need to take any action or re-submit, until the problem is solved. You will be notified that the problem is solved. When you log out, your information will be saved. For help with the graduate or doctoral process, please see the UGA Graduate School. Honors College students, please see the Honors College thesis website. For more information about the ETD process, see About thesis & Dissertations.

  • Process: How does a thesis or dissertation get published?

    Graduate thesis & dissertations start out in the Graduate School. Honors thesis begin with the Honors College. Once they have been approved and reviewed by the Graduate School or Honors College, they are sent to the Libraries. Electronic files (PDFs) of the thesis & dissertations are loaded into the GALILEO ETD database. Once these files are loaded, Cataloging catalogs the records in the Libraries online catalog (GIL), and sets holdings in WorldCat. For a more detailed overview, visit About Theses & Dissertations.

  • Print copies: How do I get a print copy of my dissertation? Does the Libraries accept print copies?

    You can get your thesis printed and bound via the Tate Center Printing office.
    Generally, the Libraries does NOT accept print copies of theses or dissertations if they reside in the ETD; however, a bibliographer may choose to add a print copy of a thesis or dissertation. A pdf of the collection policy is available here.

  • What about Dissertation Abstracts (UMI)? Why is my dissertation not in Dissertation Abstracts? How do I get my abstract into Dissertation Abstracts?

    You may want to review the Graduate School section on Dissertation Abstracts (UMI) for more information. Dissertation Abstracts' webpage on submission may also be helpful. The UGA Libraries is not part of the process of submission.

About the database (ETD)

  • Viewing problems. Why can't I view a PDF? Why can't I access the content of the dissertation or thesis off campus?

    Some theses & dissertations are only available on campus ONLY, as designated by its record in the ETD. NOTE: NonUGA users will need to visit the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) office of their local library to request access. If the thesis or dissertation is not limited to on-campus viewing, please contact elibrary@uga.edu

  • Finding a thesis or dissertation: What years are covered in the ETD? Where do I look?

    ALL theses and dissertations published before 1999 are only available in print via the Libraries catalog (GIL). Print theses and dissertations are stored at the Libraries' offcampus storage facility, the Repository and and must be requested.

    Graduate theses and doctoral dissertations from 1999-2001 maybe in print or electronic, please locate them via Libraries catalog (GIL). Graduate level theses and doctoral dissertations published from 2001 to the present are available in fulltext via the ETD via ETD (Electronic Theses & Dissertations database) or Libraries catalog (GIL).

    Honors College theses from 2009 to the present are available in fulltext via the ETD

  • or Libraries catalog (GIL).. All Honors College theses published before 1999 are only available in print via the Libraries catalog (GIL).