Committee on Promotion Solicits Nominations First Monday in May
Nomination Letters Due from Nominators First Monday in June
List of References Due from Candidate First Monday in July
Dossier Due from Candidate

Candidates should submit the following to the Assistant to the University Librarian:

  1. One electronic (preferred) or print dossier including supporting materials as described in the Promotion Process section. Supporting materials may be included in electronic format with the electronic dossier, or in print format organized and submitted in a binder. Please note that dossiers will not be returned until after the Board of Regents approves the promotion decision.
  2. A paper copy of the documents described in the current Office of Faculty Affairs document requirements (see the Provost's faculty promotion letter for further details).
First Tuesday after Labor Day
Letters Due from References First Tuesday after Labor Day
Recommendations to University Librarian and Associate Provost

First Friday in November

University Librarian Informs Candidates of Promotions Decision 15 Working Days After Receipt of Recommendations
Appeal of Denial of Promotion Within 5 Working Days After Receipt of Denial from University Librarian
Appeal Committee Formed Within 10 Working Days of Notice of Appeal
Appeal Hearing Held Within 10 Working Days of Appeal Committee Formation
Committee Decision to University Librarian, Committee on Promotion, and Appellant Within 10 Working Days of Hearing
University Librarian Arranges Meeting with Appellant to Discuss Decision Within 10 Working Days of Notification of the Appeals Committee's Decision
University Librarian Forwards Recommendations to Provost January 9, 2023