Committee on Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) Membership History

The initial membership of the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion was appointed by the University Librarian to facilitate the development of a Charter and Diversity Plan. The original appointments were given as 1- and 2-year terms to insure a staggered membership going forward.

Two Co-chairs were appointed to a 2-year term to give stability during a period of development and self-definition. As the appointed terms expire, the CDI will follow a more independent structure, modelled on other Libraries’ Committees.


Membership Structure

Members strive to uphold the charter of the Committee on Diversity, advance the goals of the University Libraries’ Diversity plan, and to foster inclusion for all (co-workers, staff, students, faculty and other guests) in everyday work life.

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion has a maximum of fifteen members, twelve general members and three ex officio members. The ex officio members are:

  • The Chair of the Library Staff Representative Group (LSRG)
  • The Chair of the Libraries Faculty Advisory Board (FAB)
  • The Human Resources Manager, or title of highest-ranking Libraries HR employee
  • Members serve 2-year terms. Membership should be staggered so that no more than half of the general members exit the committee at one time.


Meeting Commitments

The Committee service year begins in July, and ends in June. The current meeting time is monthly, on the third Wednesday of the month at 1:30 p.m. Changes to time and duration will be determined by the committee as needed. New members will be required to attend an orientation and Office of Institutional Diversity (OID) presentation in June.


Membership Timeline

April: The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion Chair(s) will put out a call for applications for volunteers. Applications should include:


Position (ex: Libraries Associate, Librarian)

Department/area (ex: Research and Instruction/MLC, Access Services/Science)

Reason for interest in the Committee on Diversity and Inclusion

Decisions will be made by the committee chair(s) with goal of creating a diverse committee that reflects a variety of departments and positions within UGA Libraries, including The University of Georgia Press, and The Georgia Review.

May/June: New members will be announced.

July: First meeting of the year. All members attend.