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Rare Map Collection - Colonial America

Map No. Map Name & Negative Number Author (year) File Size
Map 1625 L3 Florida et regiones vicinae. Neg 5069 De Laet 1625 258kb
Map 1633 M4 Virginiae item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum nova descriptio. Neg 5718 Mercator 1633 311kb
Map 1640 B55 Virginiae partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis. Neg 5070 Blaeu 1640 326kb
Map 1640 H6 America septentrionalis. Neg 5071 Hondius 1640 363kb
Map 1646 D8 Carta particolare della costa di Florida e di Virginia. Neg 5157 Dudley 1646 265kb
Map 1665 B5 Americae nova tabula. Neg 5073 Blaeu 1665 491kb
Map 1671 S2 Novissima et acuratissima totius Americae. Neg 5079 Schagen 1671 368kb
Map 1676 S6 A new description of Carolina. Neg 5074 Speed 1676 281kb
Map 1680 D6 Pascaerte vande Caribische Eylanden, vande Barbados tot aende bocht van Mexico. Neg 3285 Doncker 1680? 301kb
Map 1680 V5 Insulae Americanae in Oceano Septentrionali. Neg 5076 Visscher 1680 335kb
Map 1685 L4 A general map of the continent & islands which be adjacent to Jamaica. Neg 5077 Lea 1685 387kb
Map 1692 S3 Amerique Septentrionale divisee en ses principales parties. Neg 5080 Sanson 1692 365kb
Map 1695 C6 Mare del nord. Neg 5082 Coronelli 1695 479kb
Map 1696 S3 Carte general de la Caroline. Neg 3387 Sanson 1696 286kb
Map 1696 S32 Carte particuliere de la Caroline. Neg 5083 Sanson 1696 286kb
Map 1703 D4 Carte du Mexique et de la Floride. Neg 2966. Delisle 1703 306kb
Map 1704 H4 Carte d'un tres grand pais. Neg 3286 Hennepin 1704 220kb
Map 1705 S3 Florida zoo als het van de Spaanschen. Neg 5719 Sanson 1705 117kb
Map 1710 S4 North America. Neg 5087 Senex 1710 348kb
Map 1715 M6 A new and exact map of the dominions of the king. Neg 5089 Moll 1715 445kb
Map 1717 M6 A plan representing the form of settling the districts, or county divisions in the Margravate of Azilia. Neg 230 Montgomery 1717 156kb
Map 1718 D4 Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississippi. Neg 5090 Delisle 1718 384kb
Map 1720 M6 A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France. Neg 3016 Moll 1720 348kb
Map 1721 S4 A map of Louisian and of the River Mississippi. Neg 5092 Senex 1721 387kb
Map 1725 H4 A new map of his majesty's flouishing province of South Carolina. Neg 3519 Herbert 1725 223kb
Map 1733a P6a A map of the British empire in America. Neg 5787 Popple 1733 313kb
Map 1733 D4 America septentrionalis. Neg 5096 Delisle 1733 408kb
Map (DER) 1732 [Southeastern North America] (First appearance of "Georgia" - 1732). Neg -- n.a. 165kb
Map 1733 smi [Southeastern North America] ("Georgia" - 1733). Neg -- n.a. 245kb
Map 1734 G6 A view of Savannah. Neg 3035 Gordon 1734 198kb
Map 1734 G6b His majesty's colony of Georgia in America. Neg 5722 Jones 1734 198kb
Map 1740 L6 A map of the county of Savannah. Neg 5107 Lotter 1740 422kb
Map 1739 S4 Mappa Geographica Regionem Mexicanam et Floridam Terrasque adjacentes. Neg 5103 Seutter 1739 352kb
Map 1739 L6 Mappa geographica Regionem Mexicanam et Floridam Terrasque adjacentes. Neg 5102 Lotter 1739 479kb
Map 1737 A7 Plano de la Entrada de Gualquini rio de An Simon. Neg 3712 Arredondo 1737 192kb
Map 1741 S4 Map of Georgia and Part of Carolina. Neg 223 Seale 1741 186kb
Map 1740 B6 An Accurate Map of the West Indies. Neg 5104 Bowen 1740 490kb
Map 1740 H6 Dominia Anglorum in America sepentrionali. Neg 5105 Homann heirs 1763 541kb
Map 1740 S5 View of the town & castle of St. Augustine. Neg 616 n.a. 149kb
Map 1747 B6 A new and accurate map of the provinces of North & South Carolina, Georgia & c. Neg 4912 Bowen 1747 262kb
Map 1747 S4 Plan von Neu Eben-Ezer. Neg 5111 Seutter 1747 341kb
Map 1748 B6 A new map of Georgia. Neg 5113 Bowen 1748 331kb
Map 1748 R6 La Floride divisee en Floride et Carolina. Neg 5724 de Vaugondy 1748 67kb
Map 1754 B6 A map of the British American plantations. Neg 5726 Bowen 1754 169kb
Map 1755 C3 Carolineae Floridae nec non Insularum Bahamensivm. Neg 5124 Catesby 1755 278kb
Map 1755 D4 The Profile of the whole Citadelle of Frederica. Neg 5125 De Brahm ca. 1755? 198kb
Map 1755 V5 A Map of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Maryland with part of New Jersey. Neg 5828 for R. Baldwin 1755 171kb

Map 1756 D4

A map of the inhabited part of Georgia. Neg 3226 De Brahm ca. 1755? 42kb
Map 1756 A5 America Septentrionalis. Neg 5127 d'Anville 1756 404kb
Map 1756 G4 Sketch of the country between the River Altamaha and Musqueta Inlet [Georgia and Florida coast 1756?]. Neg 3742 n.a. 106kb
Map 1757 B4 Carte de Caroline et Georgie. Neg 5130 Bellin 1757 185kb
Map 1757 B4a Carte de la Caroline et Georgie. Neg 5160 Bellin 1780 163kb
Map 1760 Y6 A plan of the islands of Sappola. Neg 5164 Yonge & De Brahm 1760 246kb
Map 1760 K5 A new war map of the Cherokee Nation. Neg 5729 Kitchin 1760 90kb
Map 1760 B6 Carte de la Louisiane et de la Floride. Neg 5163 Bonne 1760 209kb
Map 1760 G5 A map of the new governments of east and West Florida. Neg 5728 Gibson 1760 135kb
Map 1763 H61 Amplissima Regionis Mississippi. Neg 5133 Homann heirs 1763? 346kb
Map 1763 S6 A new map of North America. Neg 5135 Spilsbury 1763 346kb
Map 1764 B4 Carte de la nouvelle Georgie. Neg 5731 Bellin 1764 88kb
Map 1765 K5 A new map of North & South Carolina & Georgia. Neg 5732 Kitchin 1765 116kb
Map 1763 W7 A map of Georgia and Florida. Neg 4033 Wright 1763 132kb
Map 1770 F7 A chart of the entrance into St. Mary's River. Neg 5137 Fuller 1770 258kb
Map 1771 J4 Plan du Port de Goudaquini now called Jekyl Sound in the Province of Georgia. Neg 5138 n.a. 1771 124kb
Map 1776 W6 Virginia A.D. 1607 [and] Cherokee country prior to 1776. Neg 2250 2 maps by Woolley 1776 78kb
Map 1774 D82 North America, as divided amongst the European powers. Neg 5170 Dunn 1774 269kb


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