Capitol Facts

From time to time the Georgia Capitol Museum is requested to provide a list of significant Georgia Capitol facts for publication. Of course, what is important to us might not seem important to anyone else. Below is a list of Capitol facts we have begun to compile, but we want your help. If you have a Capitol fact you think is interesting send it to us. If it can be verified, we will post it here and give you credit.

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Began Construction: 1884

Completed Construction: July 4th, 1889

Cost of Construction: Just under 1 million dollars

Materials: Limestone (Indiana), marble (Georgia), wood (Georgia), cast-iron (Georgia), gold (Dahlonega, Georgia, added 1958)

Number of Floors: 4, top floor housing the Georgia Capitol Museum

Height: 237 feet, from the top of Miss Freedom's torch to the foundation

Architects: Frankiln Burnham and Willoughby Endbrooke of Chicago

Previous Capitol: The Kimball Opera House on Marietta Street, burned down in 1894

Branches of State Government Located There: Executive and Legislative, Supreme Court of Georgia was located in the Capitol Building until 1950, now across the street