Capitol Contacts

While the Georgia Capitol Museum is the most fun reason to come to the Capitol, there may be other reasons for you to visit as well. The Capitol is home to two branches of Georgia’s state government (Executive & Legislative) and numerous agencies within each. Keep in mind that most of the agencies do not share phone systems so it is likely that you will not be transferred between them. Below is a short list of contacts for the Capitol that may be helpful as you plan a visit.

Office of the Governor


Office of Secretary of State

404-656-2881 Main
Corporations Call Center: 404-656-2817
Professional Licensing Division Call Center: 478-207-2440
Elections Division: 404-656-2871
Press Office: 404-656-4269

Office of the Lieutenant Governor


Georgia General Assembly

Georgia State House of Representatives

Georgia State Senate

Capitol Security/Lost and Found


Georgia Building Authority

404-657-7407 - Georgia Capitol Public Space Scheduling


To find your elected officials visit Project Vote Smart