GIL Coordinating Group (GCG)

The primary role of this group is to coordinate:

  • How we use our integrated library system (GIL);
  • How upgrades and changes are implemented;
  • How we provide feedback to the vendor/developer of the application about our needs and problems.

GCG currently meets quarterly. An agenda is distributed to all staff via GRAPEVINE before each meeting. GCG reports to the Technology Oversight Group (TOG), and updates on its activities are regularly presented at DHG in the Small Working Groups' segment of the meeting.

Membership List:
Kelly Holt
Marty Tanner Hughes
Nan McMurry
Susan Morris
Kristin Nielsen
Hallie Pritchett
Viki Timian
Dana Walker

SOURCE: Marty Tanner Hughes, Systems Librarian, February 17, 2014.