SciFinder Scholar User Agreement

You must read, and agree to, the following before using SciFinder Scholar. You are held responsible for any infringement of this agreement that you may commit. Failure to abide by the terms of this agreement may result in loss of access to SciFinder Scholar for the entire UGA campus.

1. I am currently registered as faculty, staff member or student of the University of Georgia.

2. I will use SciFinder Scholar only for academic research in pursuit of a degree, or in instructing my students, or, in the course of my own research funded by the government or a non-profit foundation and intended for publication in the publicly available literature.

3. I will store no more than 5,000 records. I may share search results in a limited, reasonable way with other University students or faculty working on the same project, but I will not aggregate my electronic search results with those of anyone else.

4. I acknowledge that the University of Georgia has entered into a license agreement with CAS to provide me with access to SciFinder Scholar, and that violation of the license by any user could result in a termination of the license for all users.

To read the full Agreement: User Agreement / License.

I agree         OR         I disagree