Signage Policy

Signs may be posted in the lobby on the bulletin boards only. Materials may be posted for one month before removal.

Scheduling Guidelines

Any organization affiliated with UGA can use the lobby depending advanced notice, space considerations, and availability. The Science Library has a 3' by 8' table available for use on request, but organizations may bring their own equipment if necessary. Organizations using the lobby are responsible for clean up.

To request use of the Science Library Lobby please fill out the following form:

Lobby Use Request
Your name:
Your UGA e-mail:
Your Department/Organization:
Event Title:
Date Needed (month-day-year):
Starting Time (include a.m./p.m.):
Length of Time Needed:
Fundraising (i.e. manned table for bake sales, etc.)
Donation Box

Questions: Contact Matthew Pulver.