Steering Committee

The Russell for Civic Life in Georgia is guided by a steering committee of 10-15 students, scholars, and community leaders in Georgia with expertise, experience, and commitment to community development and civic engagement. 

The RFCLG Director in consultation with RFCLG staff appoints steering committee members on an ad hoc basis for a nonspecific term.  Current steering committee members may recommend individuals to join the steering committee at meetings or by sending an email to the RFCLG director.  New members join the committee at the first meeting of the RFCLG steering committee during the fall semester. The steering committee meets 2-3 times during the fall and spring semesters of the University of Georgia academic year. 

The committee makes general recommendations related to   training, programming, and collaboration initiatives of RFCLG.  The committee also provides specific input on the focus of the Public Policy Institute.   The steering committee also provides input and assistance with promoting RFCLG civic engagement initiatives.

2011/12 Steering Committee
2010/11 Steering Committee
2009/10 Steering Committee
2008/09 Steering Committee

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