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Russell Library Location

  • The Russell Library is located in The University of Georgia Special Collections Libraries Building located at 300 South Hull Street in Athens Georgia. (see map)
  • The Russell Library Research Room is located on the third floor of the building.
  • Patrons coming to do research with Russell Collections will check in at the central reference center also located on the third floor.
  • For more information about parking, hours, or directions, please consult the Visit Page of the Russell Web site.

Russell Library Hours

  • Russell Library is open for research Monday-Friday, 8-5 p.m.
  • The Russell Library closes for all University of Georgia holidays.
  • Patrons traveling from locations off-campus should confirm current hours and closings prior to making a visit.
  • Research and Gallery hours are as follows: Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 p.m. Closed on all University of Georgia holidays.

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Getting Started

Many of the Russell Library’s collections are quite large and exceed over 200 boxes of material. To make the most of their research time, researchers should search/browse the Russell Library’s collections information database to discover what relevant materials are available before arriving to do research.

All patrons must register and establish a patron research account to access any Russell Library materials. They will be able to review their past and current requests in this account. They must also provide photo identification (Driver’s license, passport, student identification card, government issued identification card, etc…) before commencing research.

Original materials in the Russell Library are housed in closed stacks. Patrons may access this material by working with Russell Library staff to create a researcher account and request materials from the online user account system for use in the Russell Research Room. Patrons may not check out or remove original materials from the research room. Reference books, periodicals, oral history transcripts, selected microfilm, user copies of audiovisual materials, and other reference sources reside in the Russell Research room. Patrons wishing to locate and use these materials may ask the archivist on duty to assist in them in registering and accessing these materials. Patrons may also request transcripts of some oral history interviews for offsite use by submitting an interlibrary loan request through a library where they have borrowing privileges.

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Important Information about Access to Collections

Original materials in the Russell Library are non-circulating. They are housed in closed stacks (except for the reference collection) and will be delivered to the research room upon request.

Although searching the Russell collection information database will often yield useful results, researchers should note that some Russell Library materials are not represented online. Some collection finding aids are not available in electronic format. Access to these finding aids is available on site, at the Russell Library. Some Russell collections are unavailable for research according to donor agreements and access policies of the Russell Library.

Researchers may also contact Russell staff for research assistance or questions concerning access to closed or restricted collections by submitting an email to the general reference account,

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Onsite Research

Researchers planning a visit to the Russell Library may request materials in advance by checking the “request materials” box displayed on the upper left of each page of the online collections guides in the Russell Library collection information database. Upon making their first request, patrons will be directed to the registration screen where they can establish a research account.

Patrons may also request materials onsite via the same online system described above from their own laptops or via one of the workstations provided in the reference area of the Special Collections Libraries Building.

Offsite Research

Offsite patrons seeking information about materials in the Russell Library collections may browse the collections information database for general information about collections and for folder title listings in collections.

If offsite patrons are unable to schedule a research visit to the Russell Library, they may request materials for copy and delivery, or they may hire a local (proxy) researcher to request and review materials onsite on their behalf.

In both cases, offsite researchers must register and create a research account. Russell Library staff is not able to perform research in the collections for offsite researchers.

Working with a local proxy researcher

Offsite patrons who have identified/hired someone to conduct research on their behalf can browse the Russell Library collections information database, select materials, register for a researcher account, indicate that they have a proxy researcher working for them, and submit their requests.

Proxy researcher working for offsite patrons must also register and list the person for whom they are working. This will link offsite researchers with their respective proxies and allow offsite researchers to manage any related research transactions.

Russell Library does not participate in any of the financial arrangements or transactions made between offsite patrons and the proxies they hire.

Requesting Materials for Duplication
(Photocopies, Scans, AV Transfers)


Patrons may request copies (photocopies, scans or AV transfers) of Russell Library collection materials if staff can make the reproductions without injuring the material and/or without violating terms of donor agreements or copyright laws.

Reproduction of any item in any format must contain a complete citation to the original. Russell staff will make every effort to provide reproductions to patrons in a timely manner; however, staff cannot make on-demand photocopies for patrons.

Patrons may request copies (photocopies, scans or AV transfers)of materials from their online researcher accounts while conducting research onsite in the Russell Research Room. Russell staff will review the request and provide an estimate of cost, time frame for fulfillment, and delivery details.


Patrons may request copies (photocopies, scans or AV transfers) of Russell Library collection materials if staff can make the reproductions without injuring the material and/or without violating terms of donor agreements or copyright laws.

Reproduction of any item in any format must contain a complete citation to the original.

Offsite patrons must register and create a researcher account to request copies of collection material.

Offsite patrons may only request photocopies of entire folders of Russell Library materials. Russell staff will provide a page count and cost estimate for the folder(s) exclusive of any materials that are restricted from copying due to copyright, condition, or donor agreements, a time frame for fulfillment, and delivery options to patrons via email.

Offsite patrons seeking copies of specific materials or types of materials within folders of Russell Library collections should plan to hire a proxy researcher to select materials for copying onsite.

Reproduction Fees

  • The cost of photocopies is 25¢ per page
  • An estimate of this cost will be provided in advance of the transaction.
  • We accept cash, personal checks and University charges only.
  • Preservation use fees may apply to Russell Library materials provided for publication
  • View the scanning fee schedule for digital scan orders
  • Shipping and handling charges apply based on size, location, and speed of delivery.
  • All film negatives of items from our Special Collections
    will be retained by UGA Libraries.
  • Photographs can be printed with either a glossy or matte finish.
  • We can only offer black and white copy negatives.
  • A rush fee applies to any orders requested within 3 days.
  • Rush fees double the job cost, and are not negotiable.
  • All currency is in U.S. dollars.

Fees for Manuscripts and Photographic Materials

Digital scans (up to 30" x 40") $12 ea.
Color laser prints 8.5" x 11" $2 ea.
11" x 17" $4 ea.
B/W photo prints 5" x 7" $10 ea.
8" x 10" $12 ea.
11" x 14" $20 ea.
Premium color photo prints
(glossy or matte)
5" x 7" $7 ea.
8" x 10" $12 ea.
11" x 14" $18 ea.
Copy negatives $8 ea.
35mm color slides $10 ea.
E-mailing scanned files (<10MB) no charge
CD-ROM (700 MB) $5 ea.
In-state postage $3.50
Out-of-state postage and large format prints $4.00
Rush fee 100% of total cost

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Fees for Audiovisual Materials

Type of use Minimum Film
1st 60 seconds
video or audio
Additional video
or audio
Theatrical & Worldwide TV 1,100.00 92.00 55.00 36.00
Theatrical & Worldwide (no TV) 900.00 75.00 45.00 30.00
Television (Worldwide) 800.00 70.00 42.00 28.00
Television (National broadcast, cable, synd.) 725.00 63.00 37.00 25.00
(Local market)
675.00 58.00 30.00 20.00
(National PBS)
650.00 55.00 27.00 18.00
Television (Local PBS) 500.00 42.00 21.00 14.00
Home video (no broadcast/theatrical) 500.00 42.00 21.00 14.00
Commercials 500.00 42.00 21.00 14.00
non-profit, corporate
500.00 42.00 21.00 14.00
Educational (film/video/CD-ROM) 400.00 33.00 19.00 13.00
Live presentation 400.00 33.00 19.00 13.00
Non-theatrical film
(no TV)
350.00 28.00 18.00 12.00
Non-profit public service spot 300.00 25.00 15.00 10.00
Museum displays:
400.00 33.00 19.00 13.00
Museum displays:
325.00 27.00 19.00 13.00
spot news coverage
(local market only)
125.00 10.00 6.00 6.00

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