Finding Primary Sources by Date

1. Choose Keyword Search option

2. At the bottom right of the screen, click "Narrow My Search"

3. . Fill in the date(s) to which you want to limit your search. You can enter a single date or a range of years. If you want a range, be sure to click the range button in addition to typing the beginning and ending dates.

4 At the bottom of the page click "Narrow my Search" to return to the main search page.

5. Type your search terms as usual.

6. Click the Go button to run your search.

7. Your results will be limited to materials published during the date(s) you specified. If you notice that more recent dates are appearing, they are probably modern reprints originally published in the time you specified, and they would still serve as primary sources.

Remember that you have to remove "Narrow my search" limits when you want to search without date limits. Do this by clicking "Clear Settings" located at the bottom right of the page.