Essay Guidelines

Essays must be 750-1000 words (3-4 pages) long and address the student’s research process while working on their project. These criteria, from the University of California, Berkeley’s Undergraduate Research Award program, will help guide judges in their decision. Submissions are judged based on how well the applicant demonstrates the following:

  • Sophistication, originality and/or unusual depth or breadth in the use of library collections, including printed resources databases, primary sources, and materials in all media
  • Exceptional ability to locate, select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources and to use them in the creation of a project in an media that shows originality and/or has the potential to lead to original research in the future
  • Evidence of significant personal learning and the development of a habit of research and inquiry that shows the likelihood of persisting in the future.

Please see the Essay Evaluation Guidelines for a detailed description of how points are awarded.

Application deadline is March 20, 2017.

Prizes will be awarded at the CURO Symposium on April 4, 2016. All applicants will be contacted by email to inform them of their status. If you have any questions, please contact Caroline Barratt (

Submit completed application package (application form, essay, and bibliography) in print or via email to:

Caroline Barratt (
UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Award
Miller Learning Center, Room 373
Athens, GA 30602