2014 Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards!

Senior Division 

First Place
Greyson Clark
Power Dynamics in Georgia’s Poultry Industry, 1950-1965
Faculty mentor: Dr. Shane Hamilton
Librarian mentor: Jill Severn

Runners up
DeJuana Ford
Healthcare, Genetics, Society, and the Black-White Breast Cancer Disparity
Faculty mentor: Dr. Susan Tanner
Librarian mentor: Elizabeth White

Kelly Murray
Investigating the effects of fish assemblage on a shredding caddis fly (Phylloicus hansoni) in Trinidadian Streams
Faculty mentor: Dr. Catherine Pringle
Librarian mentor: Diana Hartle

1st-3rd Year

First Place
Babajide Oluwadare
Analysis of PI function in the Mycoplasma Pneumoniae cell
Faculty mentor: Dr. Duncan Krause
Librarian mentor: Ian Thomas

Runner up
Chiara Tondi Resta
Reexamining a little-known Aphrodite statue reportedly from ancient stasiaen
Faculty mentor: Dr. Mark Abbe
Librarian mentor: Emily Luken

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