We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 UGA Libraries Undergraduate Research Awards! All our applicants provided us with insights into their research process, describing impressively creative and sophisticated projects which demonstrate both a commitment to high standards for their academic work and their passion for research. Awards were presented at the CURO Symposium on April 3, 2017.


Senior Division 

First Place

Rahul Shah - The Effects of Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs on Reducing Opioid Overdose Mortality (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Vincent Pohl; Librarian Mentor, Keith Nichols)

Runners Up

Erin Wiser - F.D. Millet's "A Pompeian Girl" (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Alisa Luxenberg; Librarian Mentor, Caroline Barratt) 

Alison McWhorter Anderson - Chemical Weapons and the Legacy of War (Faculty Mentor, Dr. James Porter; Librarian Mentor, Diana Hartle) 


1st-3rd Year Division 

First Place

Nanma Okeani - How Violence Against Women in Politics Impacts Representation (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Maryann Gallagher; Librarian Mentor, Elizabeth White)

Runner Up

McKenna Barney - Nutrition of Women and Children in Conflict Zones (Faculty Mentor, Dr. Maria Navarro; Librarian Mentor, Elizabeth White) 


Jurors' Choice Award

Christian Cullen - Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Induction Dependence on Flagellar Motility (Faculty Mentor, Balazs Rada; Librarian Mentor, Ian Thomas) 


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