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Research Conference Librarians

Choose a Reference Librarian that fits your subject discipline and contact him or her directly to arrange for a conference. If you do not see your subject represented, or have any questions please contact Caroline Barratt (ccason@uga.edu).

Remember to bring your Application Form with you so that the Librarian may complete it. Reference Conferences are usually scheduled for 30 minutes to one hour.

Humanities & Social Sciences

  • Caroline Barratt (ccason@uga.edu) -- Anthropology, Art & Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Historic Preservation
  • Sheila Devaney (sdevaney@uga.edu) – Business, Economics, Finance, Advertising, Public Relations, Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Nadine Cohen (ncohen@uga.edu) – Education
  • Carla Buss (cbuss@uga.edu) - Education, Sport/Rec/Leisure/Kinesiology, Dance
  • Nan McMurry (nmcmurry@uga.edu) – History, African Studies, Military Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Anthropology
  • Kristin Nielsen (knielsen@uga.edu) – English, American and Comparative Literature, Drama, Film Studies
  • Amy Watts (amywatts@uga.edu) - Media Studies, Journalism, and Telecommunications
  • Jill Severn (jsevern@uga.edu) – Russell Library, primary sources, Modern Southern History, Modern Georgia History, Material Culture Studies 
  • Diane Trap (dtrap@uga.edu) – History
  • Elizabeth White (elwhite1@uga.edu) – Political Science, International Affairs, Public Administration
  • Sandra Riggs(sriggs@uga.edu) -- Psychology
  • Emily Luken (ehopkins@uga.edu) - Classics, Religion, Philosophy, Fine Arts and Architecture
  • Amber Prentiss (amberp@uga.edu) -- Social Work, Women's Studies, Sociology, Communication Studies
  • Patrick Reidenbaugh (preidenb@uga.edu)-  Linguistics and French

Science & Technology

  • Chandler Christoffel (christof@uga.edu) - Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Astronomy
  • Ian Thomas (ithomas@uga.edu) – Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biochem, Biology, and Marine Science
  • Diana Hartle (dhartle@uga.edu) – Ecology, Forestry, Zoology, and Vet Med
  • Liz Holdsworth (lizholds@uga.edu) - College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences and Plant Biology
  • Keith Nichols (ktn@uga.edu) - Public Health