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GFK University Reporter (formerly MRI+)

Access GFK (MRI+)

GFK University Reporter (MRI+)


About GFK (MRI+)

GFK provides charts showing product purchasing and lifestyle choices crosstabulated by demographic characteristics and media usage. Many products offer brand level purchasing data. Use of the database is restricted to UGA students, faculty, and staff with a UGA e-mail account. Completion of a GFK (MRI+) registration form is required to access the database.


Registering for GFK (MRI+)

Click on the link (above), and you will access a login window. Click on Register. Fill in the required information on the registration screen. GFK (MRI+) requires that you use your UGA e-mail account (yourname@uga.edu). In addition, a registration code is required. Please contact either John Prechtel or Sheila Devaney to obtain this code. In their absence contact the Research & Instruction Department in the Libraries.

After you have submitted the registration information you will receive an e-mail message from GFK (MRI+). Open the message and click on the activation link.

Account Expiration: Twice a year, on January 1st and again on July 1st, all registrations will expire. To continue using GFK (MRI+) you must re-register following the same procedure described above. The registration code changes in January and remains valid for a full calendar year.


How to Read a GFK (MRI+) chart

See an example of a report, with explanation (opens in a new window, in Microsoft Word format).