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Opinion Polls Resource Page

Polling the Nations (via GALILEO@UGA)

- questions and responses from numerous opinion polls by many organizations covering election-related topics, 1980s-present
- good for finding polls of specific election years and state level questions

 iPoll Databank (Roper Center) (via GALILEO@UGA)

- questions and responses from numerous opinion polls by Gallup and other organizations covering election-related topics, 1930s-present

 InsiderAdvantage Georgia (formerly Bill Shipp's Georgia) (via GALILEO@UGA)

- brief opinion polls conducted by Dick Pettys' InsiderAdvantage Georgia newsletter on politics and public affairs  

CBS News Polls

- links to polls from CBS News


- Aggregator of polling data from a variety of sources.

Election 2008 at Twitter

- Streaming, up-to-date comments by the users of Twitter about the election. Also includes updates made by the candidates, their campaigns, and news media sources.