Coverage of the Election in the Media Resources

Television News Networks

Election Center 2008 (CNN)

- CNN Election Resource Webpage

MSNBC Election 2008

- MSNBC Election Resource Webpage

FoxNews You Decide 08

- Fox News Election Resource Webpage

Web Resources

"McCain vs. Obama on the Web"

- 2nd report from The Project for Excellence in Journalism
- Content analysis of John McCain and Barack Obama's campaign website
- Update of previous study, and expands areas of analysis
- Explores importance of campaign websites in communicating with the electorate

"Election 2008: Candidate Web Sites, Propaganda or News?"

- 1st report from The Project for Excellence in Journalism
- Content analysis of candidate websites

CQ Politics

 - comprehensive analysis of politics and the media (St. Petersburg Times & CQ)

- more analysis of politics and the media (Pew Research Center)

- analysis and commentary of politics and the media

- from the Voice of America, the official external radio and television broadcasting service of the United States federal government

 The 51st State: The State of Online: The Presidential Campaign 2008 Candidates and News Sources (Information Today.  Searcher. 15(10) November/December 2007.

- comparison of candidate websites and online news coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign

Internet Archive "Wayback Machine"

- lets users look at previous versions of candidate's websites to track changes.

Public Radio Election 2008 Widgets

- gives you the code for various Election applications you can embed in websites, blogs, and and desktops.

Library Databases

 LexisNexis Academic (via GALILEO@UGA) Requires password

- covers New York Times and the Atlanta Journal Constitution
- gives access to a broad overview of Election related news stories 

Factiva (via GALILEO@UGA) Requires password

- covers the Wall Street Journal and other Dow Jones publications