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Faculty can schedule to have UGA Librarians come to their classes and teach students about how to use the election resources on this page. Visit this page for more information.

Assignment Design

Faculty who are interested in help with designing assignments integrating the sources and information on these pages should contact elwhite1@uga.edu for more information.

Sample assignments

Courses that potentially could use election materials for assignments are not limited to political science. Below is a list of sample election 2008 assignments in various disciplines.

Womens Studies

Researching candidate positions on gender issues in 2008 Election


Analyze candidates' positions in one of the following areas: Alternative Energy Funding, Capping/Reduction of Greenhouse Gases, environmental subsidies, oil drilling in the Arctic, water conservation/drought relief, or stance on GMO/Cloned meat.

American History

Compare historical cartoons with current political cartoons. Discuss the importance of shared experiences/views of audience in the impact of political cartoons.


Interpersonal relationships and the election; body language of candidates in public debates and interviews.

ENGL 1101

Pick two blogs and analyize content; discern factual content from commentary.


Citizen journalism, blogs, and their role in the 2008 Election.

Gender and Bias in the Media.

Track a myth/rumor about a candidate from its inception to current coverage. Address timeline of rumor and legitimization by news sources and bloggers. For example, Obama and Muslim plot.