Election Results

CQ Voting and Elections

- national summary of election results (including state totals) for President (1789-), House (1824-), Senate (1908-) and Governors (1824-)
- county or Congressional District vote totals as applicable for President (1920-), House (1968), Senate (1968-) and Governors (1967-)
Hint: for spreadsheet downloads go straight to the Export/Download link in left sidebar
- Hint: for a table comparing total popular vote and electoral votes cast for president, 1789-2004, search from main screen "popular and electoral votes" (include quotes)

Individual Secretary of State Offices

Many states provide election results online for elections, state and national level.  Years of coverage varies by state.

 A New Nation Votes: American Election Returns 1787-1825

- state and local elections 

Georgia Official and Statistical Register

- historical documents

- contains election returns

- lists of elected officials