Data Archives

ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research)

- campaign finance datasets from the FEC, U.S. Congress and President, 1977/1978-2001/2002
- "Voter News Service" exit polls (datasets: federal elections, including national and state samples), 1994-2002
- "National Election Pool" exit Polls (datasets: federal elections, 2004-2006)
- political opinion polls from various news organizations

 Federal Election Commission (FEC)

- campaign finance datasets, U.S. Congress and President, various years depending on series or dataset: 1979/1980-2007/2008

 Roper Center

- political opinion polls from Gallup and other organizations, 1930s- present

 Odum Institute for Research in Social Science

- Harris polls and others, 1960s- present