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AGRICOLA provides citations on all aspects of agriculture and its allied disciplines, including plant and animal sciences, forestry, and entomology. It contains book (1970- ) as well as article (1979- ) citations. 

Species in Parks: Flora & Fauna Database (Information Center for the Environment - ICE)
NPFauna and NPFlora are preliminary national PC-based databases of vertebrate animal and vascular plant occurrences in National Parks. These databases are currently under review by regional specialists and individual parks; until verified, they may not represent the current state of knowledge and should be considered provisional. Searchable by park, species names, and common names.

Tropical Forest Conservation & Development Forestry Database (University of Minnesota)
Searchable by author, title and keyword, this database pertains to tropical forest resources, deforestation, conservation,indigenous peoples, management, policy, trade and industrial development, nontimber forest products, research, education,training, and history. Most citations are annotated.

GIS Dictionary (ESRI)

SilvaVoc (IUFRO)

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Full-Text Sources
Journal of Extension, v25 (Fall 1963- )

Forest Insect and Disease Leaflets

Forest Nursery Pests (AH 680, 1989)

Forest Pests of North America

Miscellaneous Publications (Forest & Tree Health)

National Atlas of the United States of America

Occupational Outlook Handbook


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American Association of Amateur Arborists

American Entomological Society

American Phytopathological Society

Canadian Phytopathological Society

Entomological Society of America
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