How to Get Published: Selected Resources

Books & Articles

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List based on the ALA NMRT New Writers’ Support Ad Hoc Committee Books & Articles page (April 2004)

ALA Resources

ACRL College Libraries Section – “Your Research Coach” Program
A program for academic librarians seeking assistance with research and scholarly projects that can lead to publication or presentations; matches them with an experienced "coach," who can offer advice, support and suggestions to improve the chances for success.

New Member Round Table (NMRT) – New Writers' Support Ad Hoc Committee
Committee’s mandate is to gather resources that are relevant to and useful for librarians who have an interest in professional research and publication.

 Websites, Blogs & Discussion Lists

A Library Writer’s Blog Publishing

Medical Library Association: MLA Publishing

NMRT Writer Discussion List

Professional Writing and Publishing: Resources for Librarians

Publishing in LIS: Some Useful Resources (UIUC Library & Information Science Library)

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