UGA Libraries faculty mentoring program

PDRC administers a mentoring program that pairs faculty new to the University of Georgia Libraries with current faculty for a one year period. Mentors are chosen from faculty volunteers and pairings are made to bring together faculty from different parts of the Libraries who have common interests.The main goal of the program is to help new faculty acclimate to the University of Georgia Libraries through the sharing of information about the organization beyond one's own departmental colleagues.

Other goals of the mentoring program include:

  • Sharing skills and interests
  • Discussing professional issues
  • Developing contacts within the University of Georgia Libraries for research or presentation collaboration

Mentor/mentee pairs sign an agreement at the beginning of the one year period and meet regularly during the subsequent months. Pairs may decide how often they wish to meet and what they would like to do together during meetings. At the end of the program, participants recive a certificate of participation to include in their promotion dossiers.

Pairs in the 2015/2016 class include the following pairs of mentees and mentors:

  • Sarah Causey (MAGIL) and Sandra Riggs (Reference)
  • Erin Leach (Cataloging) and Caroline Cason Barratt (MLC)

While the program pairs new faculty with mentors, any faculty member may request to be paired with a mentor. If you are interested in being paired with a mentor, or if you would like to volunteer to serve as a mentor, please contact the Chair of PDRC.