UGA Libraries New Faculty Mentoring program

The University of Georgia Libraries Professional Development and Research Committee 2008 Mentoring Program pairs faculty new to the UGA libraries with faculty volunteers for a year-long commitment. The goals of the mentoring program are to:

  • Share skills and interests
  • Develop contacts, collaborators, research assistance, or professional development
  • Discuss professional issues
  • Receive/impart knowledge about the UGA Libraries from a perspective beyond one's own departmental colleagues or supervisors
  • Identify library staff and faculty who have interests corresponding to professional research projects
  • Identify library staff and faculty who have similar community and civic interests
  • Find out about professional development opportunities from experienced faculty

Participants in the program beginning March 2008 include the following pairings of mentors and new faculty members:

Ian Thomas (Science Reference) and Kat Shirley (Russell)
Diana Hartle (Science Reference) and Esther Giezendanner (Cataloging)
Carla Wilson Buss (Curriculum Materials) and Susan Vandale (Cataloging)
Caroline Barratt (Reference) and Mary Miller (Media)
Monica Pereira (Science Reference) and Kristy Dixon (DLG)
Bill Coscarelli (Music) and Cynthia Prosser (Science Collections)
Marilyn Healey (Art) and Julie Dyles (Cataloging)
Ruta Abolins (Media) and Adrienne Button (MLC)
Marty Tanner Hughes (Systems) and Emily Luken (MLC)
Nan McMurry (Collection Development) and Renna Tuten (Russell)
Susan Morris (ILL) and Amber Prentiss (MLC)

Participants in the program beginning November 2008 include the following pairings:

Ruta Abolins (Media) and Andy Carter (DLG)
Kristin Nielsen (Collection Development) and Sandra Riggs (MLC)
Sheila Devaney (Main Reference) and Viki Timian (Access Services)
Diane Trap (Main Reference) and Abby Griner (Russell)

Pairings were made to highlight the variety of experiences and interests within the Libraries. We recognize that areas of expertise may not always overlap in expected manners. We encourage all mentors and new faculty members to be open to questions from others within the program.

The program will run for approximately one year from the intial pairing.. At the end of the year, we will ask for feedback from the mentors and the new hires. Each participant will also receive a letter of participation for their files.

Please feel free to contact members of the Professional Development and Research Committee at any time with questions, feedback, or for guidance. Thank you again for your willingness to participate in this program.