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Food, Drink & Tobacco Policy for the UGA Libraries

We ask your cooperation in complying with the following: 


  • Main Library - Permitted only in the Main Library's Cafe.
  • Science Library - Not permitted.
  • Special Collections Libraries Building - Permitted only in 2nd floor event spaces.
  • Miller Learning Center - Permitted.


  • Main and Science Libraries-
    Permitted for drinks in bottles that can be reclosed (screw-top) or other spill-proof containers such as travel mugs or sports bottles. Not permitted for drinks in cans or open containers.
  • Special Collections Libraries Building - Permitted only in 2nd floor event spaces, regardless of container.
  • Miller Learning Center - Permitted, regardless of container.

In accordance with University of Georgia regulations, alcohol is not permitted any Libraries facility.


University of Georgia policy prohibits smoking in all University facilities and in outdoor areas adjacent to facilities (such as the porch of the Main Library). Smokeless tobacco products and E-cigarettes (personal vaporizers) are also prohibited in Libraries facilities.

Patrons in violation of these policies will be required to dispose of their food, drink or tobacco items or to leave the Libraries.

Please dispose of empty containers properly; and if needed, please clean spills and bring damaged library material to a Libraries employee. 

Why are we concerned? We strive to preserve the Libraries' collections, equipment, and furnishings in order to provide a useful as well as comfortable environment. In addition to spills caused by humans, food and drink residue attracts insect and rodent pests that can damage library materials and equipment. Most library materials are expensive to repair or replace; some are unique and irreplaceable.

We appreciate your cooperation.

SOURCE: Department Heads Group, February 2013