The University of Georgia Libraries listserv, GRAPEVINE, is a primary means of communication for Libraries' staff on topics ranging from library/organizational information to community “bulletin board” information that may not be as strictly work-related. This includes:

  • Postings of minutes and/or updates of committee work
  • Announcements of meetings, reminders of workshops
  • Queries on library related issues or help needed
  • Posting or discussion of library issues and/or administrative policies
  • Queries for interest in particular activities
  • Announcements concerning library-sponsored programs or fundraising activities (e.g., Asset Awards, LSA flower sale, school supplies drive)
  • Communication of community information that might be of interest to the larger group
  • Announcements of items that you wish to make available to your library colleagues (e.g., you have extra symphony tickets to offer). See guidelines below if you wish to sell the item.

Please follow these guidelines when posting a message to GRAPEVINE:

  1. Many of your colleagues receive a large volume of emails every day. Try to make your posting pertinent and relevant.
  2. Discussion (as opposed to brief announcements) of non-work-related matters is not appropriate for GRAPEVINE. If a topic comes up about which you have a strong personal opinion or that you don’t think will interest most people, please respond to the sender directly or to a small group of select individuals.
  3. Details concerning items for sale should not be posted to GRAPEVINE. Yahoo Groups at and FaceBook Groups at may be used for this purpose; alternatively, you may announce the availability of an item on GRAPEVINE, but request that interested parties contact you directly for details such as how much it costs, etc.
  4. The moderators of the listserv (Jan Hudson and Tim Peacock) reserve the right to notify the list and restrict the posting of any message(s) not in compliance with University of Georgia Policies.
  5. All messages must conform to University of Georgia policies regarding approved usage of computers and electronic mail. These policies are codified in the “UGA Policies on Use of Computers” and the “Security and Privacy for Email and Messaging Systems” Pertinent excerpts from the email and Use of Computers policy are listed below:

Ownership — All messages or records generated by UGA systems are owned by UGA.”

"Privacy and Security — Users of messaging systems should not expect their messages to be private. Messages are public records owned by the state and are subject to Open Records disclosure. UGA retains the right to monitor messaging systems and services and may monitor these systems at any time, including but not limited to the following: when required by law, when authorized and necessary for University business, for service quality purposes, and/or when there is reason to believe an individual has violated law and/or University policy."

"Acceptable Use — Generally, acceptable use is outlined in UGA's Policies on the Use of Computers. Individuals should also adhere to UGA Non-discrimination and Anti-harrassment Policy, and students should adhere to the Student Code of Conduct when using UGA systems. Specific to messaging systems, it is unacceptable to send SPAM messages, send messages from another person's account, impersonate another sender, or to send “Sensitive” or “Restricted” data in a message without appropriate protection."

Revised April 2014