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Business Manager I
Job Summary

The business manager is responsible to the editor of The Georgia Review for managing and controlling accounting, budgeting, auditing and other financial or related functions to ensure the financial integrity of the Review. Additional responsibilities include administering necessary contracts with contributors and other external entities involved in the production and distribution of the magazine, serving as the Review’s primary liaison with various university departments, and handling rights and permissions. This position is expected to attend various Review events and publishing conferences. Successful completion of the position’s duties and responsibilities requires close collaboration with The Georgia Review’s editorial and production. An employee in this position is required to exercise a high degree of independent judgment and initiative in carrying out operations within the scope of the policies and standards of The Georgia Review and The University of Georgia.

Duties and Responsibilities


*Oversees the daily management of the Review’s budget including state-funded, income, restricted, and UGA Foundation Accounts.

  • Projects budget needs; analyzes account status and balances; reconciles status reports; determines corrective actions if improper charges or credits occur; processes expenditures and disbursements, and monitors account balances; and takes on projects to analyze special budget needs. Assists the editor and Libraries’ business manager in budget development for each fiscal year. 
  • Compiles and submits monthly sales tax report and annual UBIT report.
  • Sends copyright registration forms to Library of Congress. Processes copyright and reprint permissions requests and makes royalty payments as needed.
  • Completes annual security questionnaire for e-commerce and point-of-sale credit card accounts.
  • Logs and mails author acceptance letters and pays contributors. Assists in updating electronic author files. 
  • Prepares and submits annual statement of ownership and circulation for the U.S. Post Office with numbers provided by marketing and circulation manager.
  • Supervises annual inventory of issues, equipment, and art. Sends issues to bindery at end of volume year.
  • Oversees deposits of payments in accordance with departmental and University regulations, and creates accurate monthly and annual ledger sheets for sales income totals and tax collection accounting. Maintains accounts receivable invoice log and collects past due invoices.
  • Generates business and finance reports and maintains records.


*Purchases supplies and equipment:

  • Uses a UGA purchasing card and the University’s Procurement online purchasing system to make purchases.
  • Coordinates delivery and/or pickup of office supplies, issues, and other materials.
  • Prepares check requests for expenditures/ purchases made by the Review and/or Review’s personnel.
  • Administers bid specifications and necessary contracts for printing.


Participates in fundraising efforts, book fairs, Friends of The Georgia Review board meetings, Decatur Book Festival, Review issue release parties, and literary conferences

  • Maintains income and membership records for the Friends of The Georgia Review. Prepares and sends thank-you letters signed by the editor. Attends Friends Board meetings, and takes minutes as needed.
  • At book fairs, issue release parties, and conferences, responsible for change fund.  Handles billing for advertising, consignment sales, and any transaction requiring an invoice, and maintains distributor accounts and billing.
  • Administers the Review’s travel program by supervising the processing of all travel requests and reimbursements, and monitoring the travel budget.


Assists in the hiring, training, and supervising of student employees, including students in the Federal Work Study program. Collaborates with the UGA Libraries’ human resources manager on faculty and staff recruitment.



  • Answers the Review’s main telephone line and monitors the Review’s departmental email account ( Routes messages to appropriate staff member.
  • Reserves hotel rooms for visiting speakers and processes check requests for travel and meal reimbursements.
  • Prepares business correspondence and maintains business records. Ensures that the Review adheres to USG records retention schedules.
  • Serves as liaison with other UGA schools/colleges/departments.
  • Maintains flexibility and awareness of changes and needs in the office and organization by assuming similar duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, business, or a related discipline with five to seven years of related experience required; or any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, and/or Competencies

• Thorough knowledge of management principles, concepts, methods, practices, and techniques of business administration involved in matters of budgeting, personnel, purchasing, accounting, and organization.
• Proficiency in the use of Windows Office applications, including Word and Excel.
• Considerable knowledge of the principles, concepts, and procedures of budgeting and procurement.
• Ability to produce and maintain complex statistical reports and records, using Microsoft software packages, such as Word and Excel.
• Ability to hire, train, and supervise student workers.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty, staff, students, vendors, and consultants.
• Ability to think logically and to analyze and solve complex problems.
• Excellent organizational skills and close attention to detail.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to discreetly convey confidential information of a sensitive nature.

Preferred Qualifications

University of Georgia Departmental Financial System experience preferred. Working knowledge of UGA accounting, personnel policies, and procurement procedures preferred. Five years in progressively more responsible administrative/business positions preferred. Familiarity with Simpler, QuickFill, and UGAMart, preferred.

Job Posted Date
Salary and Benefits

$33,303 - $38,298