Sound Recordings

The Media Department currently has several thousand sound recordings in the Peabody Awards Collection , and the Georgia Foklore Collection , and in other archival collections see the audio and radio collections link in the Brown Media Archives page. If you are looking for music -- most music recordings are located in the Music Research Library. Most of this material may be found using GIL. Please check with the staff at the 7th floor desk or the referenece desk if you cannot find an item you are looking for. Please see the policies pages for information about circulation of sound recordings (compact discs and audiocassettes).

The LPs that were housed within the Media Department have now been relocated to the Libraries off-site repository. The cataloging records in GIl are being updated to reflect this change. If you would like to have an LP(s) retrieved, please see the Access Services Desk on the first floor and they will assist you in having an LP(s) retrieved. Please be aware that retreiving an LP may take up to three days. We thank you in advance for you patience.