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Goin' Back: Remembering UGA


Goin' Back: Remembering UGA is an oral history project designed to preserve the memories of former students, faculty and staff of the University of Georgia. A joint project of the Office of Public Affairs and the UGA Alumni Association, the main goal of the project is to save the remembrances of those who were there – who lived the events as they happened – and to provide access to those recollections by scholars, alumni and friends. Interviewees include:

Aderhold, Elizabeth C
Anderson, Bill
Beall, Curtis A. 
Bentley, Upshaw
Bowen, Dr. Robert
Butler, Tyus
Chaffin, Dr. Verner
Costa, Leo
Early, Mary Francis
Flatt, William P.
Magill, Dan [part 1]
Magill, Dan [part 2]
Marshall, George O
McBee, Louise
McBride, Claude
Michaels, Gene
Phelps, Dr. Morris O
Phillips, Eugene
Smithgall, Lessie Bailey
Traylor, Joanna Stegeman
Trippi, Charley
Vandiver, Betty Russell

Segments can be viewed on-line here:


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