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Paul Whiteman (1890-1967) was an American bandleader and orchestral director and had a very successful career before starting the TV Teen Club. The show was broadcast from Philadelphia on ABC and was seen for an hour the first two years, then as a half hour segment on Saturday evenings. In 1952 a young Dick Clark read the commercials for sponsor Tootsie Roll.  The show featured talented teens entertaining an audience. There are two episodes in the Peabody Awards Collection and an additional 10 episodes in this collection.

Can # Episode #, Date, Guests
1 June 17, 1950
2 April 22, 1950.  
3 April 8, 1950.
4 March 18, 1950.
5 June 3, 1950.
6 May 20, 1950
7 April 15, 1950
8 April 29, 1950
9 March 25, 1950.  "Salute to Canada".
10 April 1, 1950. 

In Peabody

Peabody Awards Collection Call Number: 50004 CYT

 ABC entry. "Bad dub; picture goes about 10 minutes in. Leads off with 2 youths—15 and 16, who do a dance in silhouette against a lighted scrim. Prizes given away are radios. Two guys tap dance, joined by 2 girls. Then another couple. Kinescope is too dark to confirm if the youths are of mixed races. It's their very own Teenettes."

Peabody Awards Collection Call Number: 53005 CYT

Opens w/Whiteman conducting "Rhapsody in Blue". Tootsie Roll presents: "Paul Whiteman TV Teen Club." Starting our fifth year. Graduation on the Teen Club. Co-emcee, Nancy Lewis. William Morris agent notified to watch and see if they won't give Nancy a job. Plays piano & sings; gets a call from agent at William Morris to offer her a contract. Dick Clark commercial "What new facts can I give you about Tootsie Rolls?"  Whiteman band plays "Rhapsody in Blue," with 15-year old on piano solo. Columbia Artists agent calls for Bruce. Tap-dancing guy comes out to "Crazy Rhythm." Novelty act with drumsticks and a chair. Then he plays the drums (Bobby Gregg) and then the call form the William Morris. Another Dick Clark commercial, for Tootsie Fudge, and Tootsie Caramels. Paul gives them recommendation letters.  And don't forget to tune in Tootsie Hippodrome.



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