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Garry Moore Collection


Television host Garry Moore (1915-1993) kept a personal collection of kinescopes from various programs he had a part in over the years. In 2006, his family donated those 12 reels to the Media Archives. The programs are primarily not entire shows, but short reels of portions of programs, compilations, gag reels, outtakes, and a home movie. These reels provide insight into what Garry Moore deemed important or amusing and worth keeping in his personal collection. The collection also includes the Edward R. Murrow "Person to Person" interview at the Moore home in February 1955.

Garry Moore was awarded a George Foster Peabody Award in 1970 for his work with Voice of America broadcasts.

The collection is currently restricted for preservation purposes, but portions can be made available upon request.

Thanks to Colorlab for work on preserving the reels, and to Dan Einstein of the UCLA Film & Television Archives for identification assistance.


The Garry Moore Collection

  • Reel 1: I've Got a Secret - compilation of various segments.
  • Reel 2: Garry Moore Show - 1956, daytime show.
  • Reel 3: I've Got a Secret May 1, 1957 Guest is Ed Wynn, showing Garry Moore's first television appearance on Wynn's show in 1950.
  • Reel 4: I've Got a Secret - compilation of various segments (continuation of Reel 1), includes Dave Garroway, Jane Powell, and Johnny Carson.
  • Reel 5: "Garry's Gags"- (part 1 of 2 reels; see also Reel 7 "Outtakes") - Carol Burnett, George Gobel, Durward Kirby, and Jonathan Winters as "Grandma."
  • Reel 6: "Pilot for Daytime" 1950
  • Reel 7: "Outtakes"
  • Reel 8: Garry Moore Show - 1953 - Garry shows footage on show of a sailing trip he took.
  • Reel 9: "Last Daytime Show" - June 1958 final daytime show
  • Reel 10: Garry Moore Show September 20, 1957 daytime show. Features Erroll Garner trio, including Ed Shaughnessy.
  • Reel 11: Home movie of cruise to Virgin Islands
  • Reel 12: "Person to Person" featuring Garry Moore and family, February 1955