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Cordele Home Town Film Collection



This film and others like it were made by itinerant filmmakers, a niche market in filmmaking from the 1920s through the 1950s.  These men traveled various regions of the country with camera and film, usually partnering with Chambers of Commerce to photograph people and businesses in town, then to show the film at the local movie theater where townsfolk flocked to pay to see themselves on the screen.  Thanks to efforts by the Chamber of Commerce and interested citizens in Cordele, the original nitrate film was sent to Atlanta and transferred to new film and tape, so we can see what Cordele was like in 1936. 

The film was made by itinerant photographer H.C. Kunkleman for his company, Pacific Film Productions, based in Erie, PA. From other film archivists’ research, we know he also made "Things You Ought to Know about Anderson (South Carolina)" for the Carolina Theatre in Anderson, SC, during April 15-17, 1935 (preserved at the University of South Carolina).  The non-synchronous soundtrack is identical in both films.  He also made another film like this about Kingsport, Tennessee.