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The Peabody Awards Collection contains all radio, television and Web entries to the Peabody Awards, with radio dating from 1940, television dating from 1948, and Webcasts dating from 2000. At present, only some of the television entries in the Collection are included in this database. Additional titles are added weekly.

Media Archives staff can assist you in finding information about all programs in the Collection, and can also assist you in using this database. You may reach the Media Department by telephone at 542-7360.

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Search Strategies

This database offers three search methods, each with somewhat different features.

Basic: Used to search a word or phrase. You may search for a word or phrase anywhere in the entire record by using the default "keyword anywhere" choice, or you may specify which field of the record you'd like to limit your search to.

Browse: Used to search for the occurrence of words within the records, with the option of specifying where in the record to look. Browse search results are organized in an alphabetical with the search term at the head of the list.

Precision: Used to search multiple parts of the record at once, specifying where in the record a certain word or phrase appears, using connectors.

Here are some sample precision searches.

Additional search instructions are included in the search interface.

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Understanding the Data

A large number of searchable fields are included in this database. Presently, only some of these fields are in use.
A description of the data included in each of those fields is available below.
Note: you can search all of the fields in any record at once by using a "Keyword anywhere" search.

If you are not familiar with database search strategies, please visit our search syntax help site.

Title Year Call Number Entry Category Broadcasting Station
Location User copy available Subject Headings TV, Radio, and/or Web Archival Master Available

Title - The title of the program entered. Series titles sometimes contain broadcast dates. For an episode of a series, the episode title is included if available.

Year - The year the program was submitted to the Peabody Awards. In most cases, this is also the year the program was broadcast.

Call Number - Also known as the Peabody entry number. This is the number tapes are shelved by in the Media Department.

Entry Category - Peabody entries are judged in a variety of categories. Some categories have changed over time. The categories are: Children's (CYT), Documentary (DCT), Education (EDT), Entertainment (ENT), Individual (INT), News (NWT), Promotion of International Understanding (PRT), Public Service (PST), and Special (SLT). In 1976, a special Bicentennial (BCT) category was also used.

Broadcasting Station - The station that broadcast or cablecast the program. If the program was not broadcast, the principal producer is listed here.

Location - The location of the television station or network that broadcast or cablecast the program, or of the production company of a program that was never broadcast..

User Copy Available - User copies are duplicates of the original work and are available for viewing. User copies do not exist for all programs.

Subject Headings - Terms describing the content of the program. The subject heading list for a given program is not intended to be an exhaustive list but rather a general set of descriptive terms.

TV, Radio, and/or Web - The format or formats under which the program was submitted.

Archival Master Available - The Collection does not have copies of all entries. If there is no user copy available but an archival master is available, in most cases, the Media Department can create a user copy. (Sometimes the archival master's condition will be such that it cannot be transferred.) If there is no archival master, paper materials which were submitted with the entry may still be available to researchers.

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Beyond the Database

For television programs from 1949-1958, more extensive descriptions may be found in GIL, the University of Georgia Libraries' online catalog. Media Archives has information about all of the television, radio, and Web programs in the Peabody Awards Collection. Contact Media Archives by telephone at (706) 542-4789.

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