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Suggested Reading

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Suggested Websites

The Alger Hiss Story

Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia
- This site provides an excellent article on the Watergate Affair for elementary and middle school students. It also includes a biography and age-appropriate bibliography on Richard Nixon.
IIllusion and Delusion: The Watergate Decade - A photo essay about the Watergate era.

The Political Graveyard - Great for locating American politicians.
The Richard Nixon Library and Birthplace Online - Suitable for all ages; this site contains abundent information about Richard Nixon and his family.
Watergate at 40 - A special package from the Washington Post commemorating the 40th anniversary of Watergate.

Watergate Info
- This site, created by an Australian schoolteacher, provides a sense of perspective on the Watergate affair. It contains audio and video clips, including the "Checkers" speech.

The White House
- The Web site of the President of the United States. Contains presidential biographies and information about American political history.


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