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The Nixon/Gannon Interviews


The Richard Nixon/Frank Gannon Interviews consist of more than 30 hours of videotaped interviews with former president Richard Nixon and are available for viewing in the University of Georgia's Walter J. Brown Media Archives. The interviews took place nearly a decade after Nixon's resignation, and were conducted with the benefit of some historical perspective and without media hype. They were made in four groups of two- and three-day sessions spread over seven months in 1983. Each interview was organized around a specific topic or topics. Issues discussed included Nixon's early political career, Vietnam, China, the Soviet Union, the Middle East, the Watergate scandal and Nixon's resignation as president, U.S. domestic policy, U.S. presidents, and foreign leaders. These interviews, conducted by Frank Gannon, a former employee and trusted friend of Richard Nixon, represent Nixon's most substantial and lengthy post-presidency interview. The interviews were donated by Jesse Raiford, president of Raiford Communications.

The transcription from video to electronic text was the work of a graduate student in the Political Science Department at the University of Georgia. During the Summer of 2001, he spent three months in the Media Department working 40 hours per week transcribing the videotaped interviews into electronic text.

The existence of the Web version began with a joint effort between an intern at the University of South Carolina and the Walter J. Brown Media Archives at the University of Georgia. The intern spent one hundred and thirty hours extended over four months in the winter semester of 2002 on the project. The project was guided by the head of Media Archives, Ruta Abolins, and a faculty advisor, Bob Molyneux. Librarians at the University of Georgia who specialize in a variety of subject areas were consulted in order to offer the best presentation of the digitized text for the user.

This text is the transcription of the first in a series of interviews with Richard Nixon which were conducted by his close friend and former employee Frank Gannon in 1983. The entire series is over 30 hours long. Presented here are the contents of the first 6 video tapes in the series, or about 7 hours of interviews.


  • Ruta Abolins
  • Bob Molyneux
  • Robert Rhudy
  • Mary Miller
  • Laura Shedenhelm
  • Susan Tuggle
  • Nan McMurry
  • Susan Gants
  • Sheila McAlister
  • Gail Morton
  • Tim Mixon
  • G. Harlan Smith

Special Thanks

Thanks to Jesse Raiford, president of Raiford Communications for the donation of the material to the Media Department at the University of Georgia Libraries.


* The nine conversations that together make up the Nixon/Gannon interviews occurred over a seven-month period in 1983. The transcripts for all nine days are included on this site. At this time, the transcript for Day One has been fully name- and subject- indexed. The transcripts for the remaining eight days may be searched individually by using the "find in page" command on your browser.