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1965-1999, videotapes.

Foxfire is a non-profit, educational and literary organization based in Rabun County, Georgia. Their mission is to promote, demonstrate, and celebrate a learner-centered, community-based approach to learning by providing teacher training and support and by involving learners of all ages in the appreciation of Southern Appalachian culture at their working educational center.

For 35 years, Foxfire has been collecting history of the Southern Appalachian region, its people, and their ways of life. Starting with the publication of the first issue of The Foxfire Magazine in March 1967, Foxfire students have collected over 2,500 hours of taped interviews, more than 80,000 black and white negatives and photos, over 10,000 color slides, and 1,100 videotaped interviews with the elders of the Appalachian region.

A unique feature of the audiotaped, videotaped, and photographic collections is that the information was collected by high school students, transcribed for the most part by hand, and published in The Foxfire Magazine and book series. The archives include a large amount of data never published.

In 2000 the Foxfire Fund, Inc. donated their entire videotape collection to the Walter J. Brown Media Archive & Peabody Awards Collection at the University of Georgia Libraries. The collection consists of videotapes in ½" reel-to-reel, ¾" U-matic, and VHS formats. There are about 1,100 tapes in this collection. Currently we have approximately 50 tapes that have been transferred with viewing copies available. All the material in the collection is meant to be seen, heard, and used for educational purposes. The long-term goal is to provide on-line clips to the material in a shared website with UGA Media Archives and the Foxfire organization. This is an on-going project.


  • For more information about the Foxfire Museum and access to the full collection of Foxfire images and tape recordings, contact them directly.
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